Both Pete and Sam are great instructors who make each Kettlebell lesson different and fun. Coupled with Pete’s excellent nutrition advice I have lost fat, gained muscle and feel sharper and stronger than I have in a long time.! And I haven't had to step foot in a boring gym once!!

Helen Hall

I joined the BKC 9 months ago and have not looked back! Since starting training I am stronger, leaner and fitter than I have been in years. Every session is different, challenging and fun. The club is friendly and supportive and the advice and guidance on offer is invaluable. I would totally recommend the club to anyone looking to improve their strength and overall fitness.


I started to see a difference quickly, both in my strength and fitness and also my body shape.

My second baby was 10 months old and I had been back at the gym for several months but I lacked commitment and wasn't getting results. The 6 week body transformation course really appealed so I decided to throw myself into it. The classes were brilliant and I looked forward to going to them. I never felt exhausted after them but my muscles usually ached the next day. This came as a surprise, as previously, I had dreaded gym sessions after a long day with a toddler and a baby! I took on board Pete's nutritional consultation and although I had several cheats, I tried to commit and eat well as much as possible. I have always eaten quite healthily but he taught me how to eat when training to build muscle. I started to see a difference quickly, both in my strength and fitness and also my body shape. I've been really pleased with the experience and definitely recommend it... Now I'm really motivated to continue.



First off let me say not a fan of exercise of any kind all !!! We have just never got on, not to mention I was always very aware of my size and felt very self-conscience in that area. That being said I knew I couldn’t carry on the way I was going - poor diet, broken sleep ,acne which was quite bad at times not to mention just being physically very unfit and really begin to feel it more and more. I made the decision to sign up to BKC's kick-start programme for January 2015. Sounds like a cliché I know but honestly I was in dire need of doing something and thought why not. I had a consultation with Pete start of January and it all went from there. Initially it was a struggle but I knew it was going to be , I was that unfit. Over the course of about 4 weeks I began to notice the difference - previously doing a plank or a push-up seemed nigh on impossible but over the course of those few weeks I could feel it getting easier. Don’t get me wrong it’s still hard but I know carrying on it will get easier and I will continue to get more out of it. I knew I was doing all the wrong things food/diet wise but just needed that bit of expert guidance to literally kick-start me onto the right course and the break the long ingrained bad habits. In the first 7 weeks of doing kettlebells I lost 17lbs and about 4 % body fat. That in itself is as huge thing - Putting on weight not an issue, losing it however, was. I really struggled in the past but to be honest hadn’t really stuck it out with anything prior to Kettlebells. Add to that my sleep improved in a big way and my acne cleared considerably. Friends and family have commented on the change in me, have gone from being an avid avoider of exercise to actively looking forward to and enjoying classes. I can't recommend BKC enough!


Just 45 days after I started training with BKC I’ve seen significant improvements in my health, strength and physique. In the first 4 weeks I gained 5% muscle, lost 7% body fat and 14lbs of weight. Whilst working a busy desk job I saw my strength and fitness drop over the years and was looking for something to kick me into shape…. Now I’m hooked.! ! Pete has proven his expertise in kettlebell technique by providing first class tuition in a safe, fun environment. Whilst some people may think swinging heavy weights around can be dangerous, I’ve never once felt out of control when training with BKC. They have a knack for pushing you hard whilst keeping you within your limits and knowing when to suggest you up the weight.! ! The sessions are always varied and fun. The class size is never too big and is made up of all ages and abilities, it’s never intimidating.! ! Along with the training I’ve had indispensible nutrition advice that has been just as important as the physical exercise. I’ve learnt a lot about how the right food can make such a difference and how to fit this ethos into a busy life style.! ! Thanks BKC, you guys are awesome!!!!

John Evans

Julie Baldwin

What can I say that reflects how grateful I am to Pete for helping me turn my life around? I've been training with Bristol Kettlebell Club for over two years and in that time my health, fitness and strength have improved dramatically. Apart from helping me to shed stones of weight through the kettlebell classes and following Pete's advice about nutrition, I have made some amazing friends through the club and found a real passion for fitness and health that I just didn't have before. I can never thank Pete enough for helping me to find a way of keeping fit and changing my attitude towards food and weight. My focus is now about building strength rather than worrying about how much I weigh. It was a real boost for me to appear as the before and after girl on Pete's flyers - it helped me to realise how far I have come with Pete's help. Don't even hesitate to give BKC a call if you want to get fit.

Julie Russell

Watch Julie's video to find out more.

Lucy Dilloway

I was very nervous about joining the kettlebell club as I can be quite shy -but everyone is so welcoming and friendly.

I was very nervous about joining the kettlebell club as I can be quite shy -but everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The trainers are really approachable and keen to help you get the techniques right and progress. I hadn't done much for over a year so needed to start slow but quickly settled into the classes and I have noticed a definite improvement in my fitness levels in the six weeks since I started. I felt the nutrition information was very helpful for me as well as my diet was pretty bad! There are plenty of meal ideas and recipes to help keep things interesting. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight/tone up and also meet a lovely group of people


Nick Holbrook

I attended the beginners workshop in November having had some kettlebell experience through crossfit. I learnt more in that morning workshop than the past year at crossfit.! I have suffered from a shoulder injury for the past year but found that working with kettlebells has improved the injury greatly.! I have really enjoyed the classes and the other club members are very friendly & supportive. Pete & Sam are very professional and great trainers and make the classes varied and enjoyable.! I am also having some personal training with Pete which is great, he is very knowledgable and encouraging which means i am seeing great results in my weight loss, strength and overall fitness. I would not hesitate to recommend both the Kettlebell club and Pete's personal & nutritional coaching.


I started with the one month boot camp at Bristol Kettlebell club and can honestly say that I have never enjoyed exercise so much or seen such good results in such a short period of time. During the beginners class, I didn't think I would ever get the hang of it but Pete, the instructor, was so thorough and patient with me that I soon got to know what to do. Kettlebell's consists of a few simple exercises which I liked as it makes them easy to remember. There are a great team of instructors at the club, and each class is different, I felt so lucky to have found an exercise that not only I enjoy but that gives such great results. Also the more experienced members in the class are helpful and encouraging. Anyone who tries this (even not sporty people like me) will become addicted. It's truly amazing.


Beginning kettlebell classes has changed my whole outlook on exercise and training, and for the first time ever, has made exercise enjoyable and rewarding for me. The trainers are really inspiring and all have amazingly toned bodies which clearly prove the effectiveness of this form of exercise, plus they are all very patient in ensuring we get the techniques right, before increasing our lifting weight. In four week's I have already noticed considerable improvements to my body weight, muscle tone and overall wellbeing. I highly recommend Bristol Kettlebell Club, and really look forward to future training sessions.

Mandy Bond

Mandy took part in our 30 day accountability project that we ran in January 2017. She ended up in second place and won her self a 60 min nutrition consultation to further enhance her results.

Ed Iles

I started training with Bristol Kettlebell Club, or BKC, about 18 months ago. I had been very overweight and unfit and although I had dieted a lot of weight off in the previous few months was in need of some way of motivating myself to keep up the hard work and maintain the discipline needed to keep in shape.! ! A friend had talked about Pete's classes and I'll admit to having dismissed kettlebells as a bit faddish and on trend. However, once I had made the commitment to myself to find something new, I did some on-line research and exploration and came to understand the history of the kettlebell and all of its potential benefits for strength and conditioning.! ! I attended the BKC workshop in Ashton and from the first swing was utterly hooked. Pete was patient and thorough in his initial teachings giving plenty of instruction and individual coaching where needed. With classes close to my home in Portishead the method for my continued journey to a healthy body was a no-brainer and I started training 2 or 3 times a week.! ! The progression in the class was measured and steady with plenty of motivation from Pete to push yourself that little bit harder each week. Soon I had moved up several kettlebell weights and found my personal strength and conditioning gaining much more rapidly than in any other method of training I had tried before. Each class is well structured and paced and besides periods of training with a particular aim in mind, each lesson has been different.! ! Equally important are the benefits I have seen in my confidence and well-being. I am now far more comfortable in my own skin and am much less shy than I used to be. The group who train in Portishead were incredibly friendly from the outset and I have made some firm friendships that go far beyond the casual nods and hellos you might expect in any corporate gym. Each and every person in the class motivates, inspires and congratulates each other on steps they are taking to achieve their personal goals.!

The inspirational aspect of the BKC Family is something that strikes a particular chord with me, as I have recently made the decision to change career and become a personal trainer. Without Pete and more recently Sam's determination to help every member to become a better version of themselves, I would have been languishing behind a desk in a job I didn't enjoy, counting down every minute of every day. Now I am in a position to try and be as inspirational to my clients and Pete and Sam have been to me and I can't thank them enough.! I have been using kettle bells since the start of 2012. I started attending the classes but I have recently been going to morning group training sessions. I really enjoy kettlebells. Like many people I had researched kettlebells on the web and even bought one for home use. It wasn’t until I went to the class that I really “got” what is so great about them. Done properly the Kettlebell swing is a really natural movement. I feel like I am exercising “with” the weight not “against” it and the gains seem to come quite naturally. That said I wouldn’t underestimate how tough a session with the bells can be, after an hour class I am exhausted. Given that there is essentially one piece of equipment the variety of workouts is fantastic. Pete ensures that the sessions are always different and I find that variety helps hugely with motivation.!


Christine Kavanagh

I'd lost confidence after an injury and I knew I needed to get my strength back and confidence in my ability. The results from the 6 week kick start program we're much greater than I expected. As a result of the strength and power I gained, there has been a marked improvement in my running and the other exercise I do. I feel stronger all round and that's such a great feeling for me. Skinny is not something I want. Strong, capable and fit is what I'm aiming for Learning about the importance of diet to fuel the training has been a revelation to me. I was surprised by how normal I could make my diet feel, it's now become a sort of 80/20 rule for me. I'm conscious of what I'm eating but not to the point where I feel restricted, hungry or like I'm missing out. Learning that I could actually bring carbs back into my life was a welcomed and a huge relief. What I wasn't expecting was to feel part of a (kettlebell) community, so many people have been going for years and it was really reassuring to see that. The loyalty makes you want to keep coming back and you feel welcomed from day one. The Accountability of the photos kept me on track. I knew I'd see a before and after and I was keen to feel ok with them being put on the website. That was the hardest bit for me. So I tried to use that as the motivating factor. Biggest thing I'll take from it is that is Failure is part of improvement, you get better at getting back on top of things quicker each time. And with focus you can achieve a lot.

Angie Ryan

The existing members made me feel welcome!

I was reluctant to take this 6 week course as I thought it was out to only sell the same as a lot of the other get fit/lose weight courses with counting calories/starving yourself but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. All types of people were in the classes & each class was different, after the initial intro session you go along to a class with other beginners, although the existing members made you feel welcome, which is a huge thing when walking in for the first time on your own. I work full time, have a daughter to run around & pets to look after but I still managed to attend class 3/4 times a week. I was not a bad eater maybe a little too much wine but since starting this course I have not scrimped/starved on anything. I have just slightly varied what & when I eat certain things, I have enjoyed trying different types of protein food & the meal plan book Pete gives you is full of lovely ideas which are easy to follow if needed and are enjoyed by all the family.  The Southmead instructor (Clare) is amazing she is calm/funny/relaxed & easy to talk too. The classes are varied but challenging every week, I am chuffed with the strength I have in my arms & upper body.  I suffer with RSI due to computer work but the exercises have helped enormously as I don't notice discomfort as much now while in work. I have met some amazing people that are now friends, and am going to continue with Bristol Kettle Bell club as it is an enjoyable, motivating, challenging & friendly place to exercise.



Chris Coles

I have found that going to small group sessions has taken my training to the next level. In the small group environment, Pete is able to teach and refine techniques and monitor your progress much more closely. In the sessions, we have used lots of new techniques including plyometric exercises, TRX and deadlifting. These have been mixed in with a variety of kettlebell exercises and complexes. I have found that I have achieved great results. I started the sessions comfortable with a 16kg and I am now working more with a 24kg. Pete has provided some great advice and guidance on nutrition and I have lost over half a stone since I started the group sessions.! Pete is a first class trainer. He is passionate about his subject and that enthusiasm comes across in his sessions. He is very patient and understands that people learn and progress at different speeds. This creates a really positive environment for both the classes and group training! I would recommend anyone looking to make a positive impact on their health and lifestyle to get in touch with Pete and get involved!

Clare Adamson

I have been a member of the Bristol Kettlebell Club now for over 2 and a half years, and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made. It can be quite daunting to start something new, but right from the start I felt welcomed and part of a team. Everyone in the club is so friendly and helpful, and both Pete and Sam are great instructors and personal trainers. They ensure that every class is different and fun, whilst also giving one to one advice on how to improve and progress with whatever personal goals you have. They also have really informative information about supporting your training with the correct nutrition and supplements.! Over the past year I have been attending both kettlebell classes with the club and also ladies strength training and personal training and have found that this combination has taken my fitness to new levels. Kettlebells as a sport has changed my life. I've lost inches off my body, have great muscle definition and have made some great friends through the club.! ! Above all, the Bristol Kettlebell Club is fun, and I actually now look forward to working out. I would wholeheartedly recommend the club to anyone who is looking for a fun, effective way to work out with like-minded people.! !

Sandra Lord

I've been training with Bristol Kettlebell Club since November 2013 and can honestly say it's been the best thing I've ever done! Every session is varied, which keeps me interested & on my toes and I always feel challenged. Since November I've done a couple of fat loss challenges & have been very pleased with the results. The support I've had from our Kettlebell guru Pete, has been fantastic and incredibly informative.! If you're a bit fed up of going to boring gyms & are looking for a complete body workout in a welcoming & friendly environment then look no further! Book yourself on to a beginners workshop or bootcamp and begin a life changing journey.!