Hardstyle technique workshop – Level 2

Hard style technique workshop – Level 2

Saturday 14th September



Have you been stuck using the same weights for more than a month now?


Do you want to take your strength to the next level and bust through your current training plateau?

hard style kettlebell workshop


Join us as we  go deep into some of the most effective proven strength techniques and hard style methods and apply them to all kettlebell exercises in a 90 minute workshop.

Expect plenty of “tough love” and to hit a PR in your press!


You will learn the following

  • Power breathing
  • Application of tension
  • Bio-mechanical breathing match
  • Fast and loose drills
  • The concept of “zipping up”
  • How to apply these methods to all kettlebell exercises


Who is this workshop suitable for?

  • Kettlebell students that have mastered the basic kettlebell exercise such as deadlifts, swings, cleans and presses.
  • BKC members who are frustrated at not seeing the progress they expect.
  • Anyone who wants to get stronger!



If you are serious about kettlebell strength and conditioning and want to achieve strength levels that you previously thought were unattainable, book your place right now!



BKC members – £10

Non members – £15


 Location and Time

10am, Lake grounds, Portishead or Gordano school if raining.


Prior registration is required – Use the contact form or call 07800542416

Training goals

When training, you need goals to aim for.


WOMENS TRAINING GOALS  Level 1 – WARRIOR  Level 2 – SPARTAN  Level 3 – NINJA  Level 4 – JEDI
Turkish get up – 1 rep on each side          16kg           20kg           24kg           28kg
Military press – 1 rep on each side           14kg           16kg           20kg           24kg
Squat – 5 reps           24kg           28kg           32kg           40kg
Clean – 5 reps each side           16kg           20kg           24kg           28kg
One hand swing – 15 reps each side           16kg           20kg           24kg           28kg
 Snatch test – 100 reps inside 5 mins          12kg           14kg           16kg          20kg


MENS TRAINING GOALS  Level 1 – WARRIOR  Level 2 – SPARTAN  Level 3 – NINJA  Level 4 – JEDI
Turkish get up – 1 rep each side           20kg           24kg           32kg          36kg
Military press – 1 rep each side           20kg           24kg           32kg          36kg
Squat – 5 reps           2x20kg           2x24kg         2x28kg         2x32kg
Clean – 5 reps each side           24kg            28kg           32kg           36kg
One hand swing – 15 reps each side           24kg            28kg           32kg           36kg
Snatch test – 100 reps inside 5 minutes           16kg            20kg           24kg           28kg


You will have the opportunity to display these feats every 8 weeks at the same time as the snatch test.

A certificate will be issued upon proving your strength and conditioning for each level.

New trainees – do not rush to attain level 1, you are still learning good technique and laying a foundation of strength.

The rules for each skill

Turkish get up – The vertical arm must be locked out for the duration, the movement must be executed in a safe and controlled manner. Slumping to the ground will be a no count, dropping the bell will be a no count.

Military press – The pressing arm must visibly lock out in a vertical position. A dip at the legs is not allowed and will be a no count.

Squat – The trainee can choose to squat one or two bells. The knee crease must go lower than the hip crease, the heels must remain on the floor. Dropping the weight is a no count.

Clean – The bell will be cleaned from the floor and repeatedly cleaned for 5 reps. Excessive hip rotation will be deemed a failure, if the bell fails to land in the rack will also be a failure.

One hand swing – The bell will be hiked between the legs for 15 consecutive swings to chest height on both arms. If neutral spine is lost, this is a failure, if the bell is not parked safely, this is a failure. Total control must be maintained through out.

Snatch test – The trainee will snatch the bell 100 times inside 5 minutes, the bell can be parked at any point and multiple hand switches are allowed.

You fail if –

The bell is not locked out in a vertical position

The bell slips out of your hand

You touch the bell with your free hand on the decent

You do not get 100 reps inside the 5 minute time frame.



“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible” – Orison Swett Marden


Good luck!

Fat loss competition

6 week fat loss competition

biggest loser fat loss competition

Starts 11/01/13 – Ends 22/02/13

  • Biggest drop in body fat percentage wins.
  • £10 to enter which goes into a pot to be collected by the winner.
  • Prize money currently stands at £420 and could still increase!
  • Nutritional guide, strategy and home workout program provided.
  • Open to the public and non BKC members

Get into shape and win cash!!

Start 2013 the right way with an exercise/nutrition prescription from Bristol Kettlebell club strength and conditioning coach Peter Luffman. This biggest loser style contest is open too all, members of the public and non BKC members can get a slice of the action too, if you have had enough of carrying extra weight around and need a fool proof way to shift it, then you need to get involved! You do not need a gym membership as Pete will be providing a training program to follow at home, all contestants will also receive a nutritional guide packed with recipes, strategy and information to help shift excess body fat.

If you are interested in taking part all that you need to do is turn up at one of the locations below to weigh in and receive your nutrition and exercise guide. All contestants will be weighed on the same scale before and after the 6 week period. The scale will give you a body fat estimate, BMI, visceral fat levels and overall weight in kgs. For the purpose of this contest we are only interested in the body fat reading.

Weighing in will start on Wednesday 10th January and will continue until Saturday 12th January, at class locations or at Pete’s private gym in Ashton. There will only be 20 minutes allocated to weighing in at classes so make sure you are on time, or you may have to come back the following day. The nutrition/exercise guide will be handed out at this point. No weighing will take place after classes as your reading will be highly inaccurate after exercise.

Here are the locations to weigh in


Thursday 10th Jan

Gordano school sports centre @ 6:45pm

Friday 11th January  

Ashton park school gym @ 5:45pm

Saturday 12th January

Portishead youth centre @ 8:45am

Weigh in private

Pete is very happy for people to come to his private gym to be weighed and is encouraging it.  Due to the interest in this contest weighing in at classes will be limited. If you would rather be weighed in private or at a time to suit you use the contact form above to schedule. Pete’s gym is in Ashton and you will be able to weigh in at most times of the day.


Before you turn up to weigh in you must know your height in centimetres!

This will be put into the machine before weighing, along with your age, and sex.

Also to get the most accurate reading you should be well hydrated, so have at least  a litre of water in the proceeding hours.

Bring your tenner along with you or use the bank details on this page 

Half way though the contest the top 5 leaders will be announced, after everyone has weighed in at the end the winner will be named and they will receive the £450-£500 prize money!


As an extra bonus, if you are happy with your results Pete will offer you 3 x 60 min PT sessions in return for before and after photos.

Take good full body and half body photos up against a blank wall, wear something thin or sleeveless, short etc. Set up in exactly the same way for the after shot too.

If they are good enough they will be used on this website for further promotion of BKC services.

Please share this post via the social media buttons below, the more that enter the bigger the prize money for the winner!

If you have any questions please use the contact form.

A short introduction to HIIT (interval training)

HIIT or high intensity interval training is time efficient, fun and works great to aid fat loss.

Intervals are rest breaks in-between high intensity exercise, of which the duration can change. In simple terms, you have a work period and a rest period. The ratio of work to rest can change depending on the desired outcome of the training or the fitness level of the participant. For example, a common interval I use with clients gives an equal amount of work to rest, this is a known a 1:1 interval. If I had a client who is in good shape potentially we could go to 2:1 so the work period is twice as long as the rest period. Working twice as long as resting obviously makes it much more intense as you don’t have as much time to recover in-between your working sets.

We could go even further with the interval and make it 3:1, this would be very intense so either the total duration would need to be shorter or with sensible exercise selection we could sustain it for longer.

A typical interval session could last anywhere from 5- 30 minutes, depending on the exercises employed and the desired outcome of the session. There are many different ways to perform intervals and that is why they are a great addition to your training.

HIIT has been shown in studies to burn a higher number of total calories than steady state cardio but only just. 30 mins of HIIT only outguns 60 mins of steady state cardio by around an estimated 200 calories or so. It has the advantage of taking less time but the disadvantage of taxing our nervous system to a higher degree and therefore requires more recovery time in-between training.

I would not recommend more than 3 HIIT sessions per week and steady state cardio still has its place to aid fat loss and should not be counted out.





New morning kettlebell classes coming soon!

Bristol Kettlebell club will soon be offering morning kettlebell classes in the Southville area of Bristol. This will be a 45 minute fat burning kettlebell class with an emphasis on the basic hard-style kettlebell exercises.

You will sweat, you will huff and puff, you will burn up a lot of calories!!

No prior experience is necessary!

Start time 9:15am on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Location – Faith space, Stackpool rd, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1NW


Please register your interest by using the contact form on this website.


Many thanks


Member Profile – Julie Haydon

Bristol Kettlebell club  Member profile – Julie Haydon

Julie - 2 x 16kg Kettlebell front squat



When did you get into kettlebell training?

I started kettlebells in November 2011 after buying a bootcamp voucher.  The bootcamp was great; meeting three times a week over four weeks gradually built up our skills and knowledge of the various exercises and was also a good way of getting to know a really great bunch of new people.  After that I was hooked so decided to join the classes and have not looked back since!


What attracted you to kettlebell training? / What other types of fitness have/do you enjoy?

I really didn’t know what to expect when I bought the kettlebell voucher – I didn’t even know what kettlebells were to be honest but had heard good reports about it from others and fancied giving it a try. I’ve tried lots of different forms of exercise in the past and having enjoyed body pump years ago thought I may like the kettlebells. I’ve also really enjoyed circuit type training in the past and in some ways kettlebells is not dissimilar to that.  I also much prefer classes as opposed to say going to the gym as I am not very self motivated; I need someone telling me what to do! I also like the sort of exercise classes where you don’t have to worry about being in time with the music or doing anything to complicated with choreography! Kettlebells is therefore perfect for me; I don’t have to concentrate too hard and I feel like I’ve a really good all over body workout after each class.  Its really nice to be able to do outdoors in the better weather, is very sociable and NEVER boring – Pete always has something different for us to do!


Bristol Kettlebell club

Some say it’s really tough, is it?

Kettlebell classes are tough but then I always think what’s the point of exercising if you don’t feel like you’ve done something.  I can honestly say that after each class I always feel like I’ve done something worthwhile for the body and soul!  Its great though as it caters for all abilities as you use weights that suit you – so the same class can be a challenge for a beginner whilst also being a challenge for someone much stronger and fitter. It is a really good cardio workout too; so although generally the kettlebell exercises are low impact, the heart rate really increases.


There is a lot of hype surrounding kettlebell training, what kind of results have you seen?

I was amazed after just doing the bootcamp at how much more toned I felt, particularly around my stomach area, arms and rear end!  That’s what now has me hooked; I want to keep toning up!! I feel a lot fitter and healthier in myself too and hate missing a class now – I’m definitely hooked!


Bristol Kettlebell club


What size kettlebells do you work with?

I am gradually trying to increase the weights I work with to make it harder and hopefully achieve better results.  So for example when we started I was swinging a 10kg weight; I’m now swinging a 16kg.  In the recent fitness tests which involves snatching a kettlebell for ten mins, I went from a 8kg to a 10kg and am now trying to use a 12kg when I can.  You can vary it though; so if you want to take things easier one day for whatever reason you can; or equally you can make it harder.


Bristol Kettlebell club


What are your future goals within kettlebell training?

In the future I’d like to get fitter, stronger and more toned. I’m not sure I’ll ever aspire to being the ‘strongwoman of the year’ (!) but as long as I feel that I’m pushing myself to make improvements I’ll be happy! :-)


Bristol Kettlebell club




Words from Pete

Julie has been training with the club for well over one year, she has made some great improvements in her strength and fitness in this time and really gets stuck in to the sessions. She came into the club along with 5 or 6 other women who all have remained good friends to this day. They enjoy the camaraderie of training together and keep each other motivated, which is a great benefit. Julie picks up on a great point above in that kettlebell training is completely scalable and so suits all fitness and strength levels. At the club we have bells that range from 4.5kg to 32kg, beginners and hardened marine commando’s can workout together and both achieve results. Well done on all your achievements Julie, let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


If you would like to get involved but are not sure if kettlebells are the right fit for you, take up our offer of a free 30 min taster session.

Call 07800542416 or use the contact form above to schedule your FREE session.

Members profile – Liam Smith

Bristol Kettlebell club member profile – Liam Smith



Bristol Kettlebell club



When did you get into kettlebell training?


I started kettlebell training at the beginning of June 2012 in one of Pete’s introduction sessions.


What attracted you to kettlebell  training?


I dislocated my knee playing rugby in October 2010, had reconstructive surgery in January 2011 and dramatically went from a fairly active life style to no activity whatsoever. As a result I put on nearly 3 stone.


I was initially very limited as to what I could and could not do exercise-wise. I was attending physiotherapy sessions to rehabilitate my knee and they dictated my activity level (and when I say limited, I mean outside the confines of the physio room, walking for long periods of time was difficult). Eventually I was allowed to go back to the gym and begin light exercise again, but at this point I was massively overweight, unfit and my desire for sport had all but ceased. I was very much stuck in a rut and unhappy.


My physiotherapy ended and I was told that I really needed to improve my core strength, quad strength (particularly VMO) and the strength in my glutes to better support and stabilise my knee.

I’d heard about kettlebell training from various articles in magazines and websites like Mens Health and LiveStrong.com etc and the benefits it could have on fitness and strength as well as strengthening what was then a foreign phrase to me; the, “posterior chain”.


I took to the internet in search of a kettlebell supplier in Bristol and the first result was Pete’s website (and it’s a good thing this came up first too). I got in touch and he replied to me within the hour which automatically gave me the feeling, this guy really cares about what he does.


After answering a few of my questions I signed up to an introduction session and I haven’t looked back.


Bristol Kettlebell club

Liam competing in the recent strongman contest


Some say it’s really tough, is it?


It’s unlike any exercise you’ve done before. Sessions are intense but worked into a short amount of time.


You really can make it as hard or as easy as you like, however I try to do one session per week using heavy kettlebells and the other sessions using the next size down.

Importantly there is no performance pressure and the other people that go to the groups are very encouraging and very friendly, there is certainly no ‘who can lift the bigger weight’ mentality that you might find at some gyms.


Pete’s method of teaching is amazing in that, he knows when to push you and when not to. He has a real grasp for where people are fitness and strength wise and is very good at getting the best out of you, even when you feel you can’t do that last rep. 


Since joining the club I’ve never had one class that is the same, which I think adds to the fun of training – you never know what’s around the corner. Yes, I said FUN and TRAINING in the same sentence.


What other types of fitness have/do you enjoy?


Before my knee op I’d always been relatively active, partaking in Karate when I was younger, playing squash to county standard, rugby, golf, gym, hiking etc.


Bristol Kettlebell club


My current addiction to kettlebells however is how I’m spending most of my time when it comes to fitness.


There is a lot of hype surrounding kettlebell training, what kind of results have you seen?


Where to start? In a short time the results have been incredible.


I suppose the biggest thing which people always want to know about is weight loss/fat loss. Since joining I’ve dropped a trouser size from 40” to 38” and gone from 19.7 stone to 17.9 stone. I’ve slimmed down pretty much everywhere from my face, butt and midriff, to my legs, arms and chest becoming more defined.


Other noticeable differences have been big improvements to my flexibility, core strength, glute strength and stamina.


Aside from the physical results, I’m much happier as a person, my confidence has improved and I’m enjoying the comments I’m getting from other people about how much weight I’ve lost.


The nutrition plan that Pete provides when starting has changed my outlook on food. I no longer drink anything with caffeine, I avoid processed food where possible and by a process of elimination I have discovered I am actually intolerant to certain food groups. I’m now sleeping better, I have more energy, my skin has improved and I’m more alert (amongst other things).


I’ve made some great new friends and have already been out to one of the social events with the club which was good fun.


The feeling you get at the end of a session and the next morning is quite remarkable.


I can’t say enough good things about Pete, his knowledge of training and nutrition is impeccable, he is approachable yet professional and a good motivator.


Bristol Kettlebell club


What size kettlebells do you work with?


It really depends on the session. I started off using a 12kg for everything. Currently for conditioning I use the 16kg bell but I’m pushing at the moment to up that to the 20kg bell.


I can strict press 24kg (doubles) and squat 24kg (doubles), Turkish get up 16kg, single arm swing 16kg and double arm swing 20kg.


What are your future goals within kettlebell training?


I want to continue to increase the weight I’m using, particularly for the conditioning I’d like to be able to do complexes with a 24kg bell.


I’m looking forward to being able to compete in the SSST fitness testing and increasing my core strength to be able to hold planks for up to 5 minutes.


I also want to continue with the weight loss, my next goal is to hit 16st by January 2013.


To be able to pistol squat on both legs would also be nice!


Bristol Kettlebell club


Words from Pete


I think its fair to say Liam has experienced all of the benefits of this type of activity, increased flexibility, confidence, energy, core strength, stamina, weight loss, the list goes on. The nutritional changes I suggested for him have also helped with this. Liam took a conservative approach to training and really focused on technique before increasing the weights. I am really glad he took that advice from me, too many trainees want to push the heavy weight to soon and train their ego rather than the body, they can end up injured or moving in the wrong pattern. With his technique dialed in he is now starting to push it and this was evident when he won our in house strength contest a couple of weeks ago. Liam has picked some great goals to work towards, the strength is there so its time to work on conditioning. I have been coaching him to snatch the kettlebell and its going well, the fitness test is 7 weeks away so it will be interesting to see what he can do! Liam, if there’s anything else I can do for you, you know where I am! Congratulations on all you’ve achieved so far.



BKC Strongman/woman contest – Sep 22nd 2012


Strongman Sep 2012


The title of Bristol Kettlebell clubs strongest  is in demand as this past weekend 15 members turned up to give it their all in what turned out to be a very close battle between both the men and ladies.

The 5 events tested the contestants strength in varying ways, we had the three classic strongman lifts, over head press, squat and deadlift, we had a conditioning event, the uphill farmers sprint, and a pulling event the sled pull.

Back in April we had the clubs first strongman contest which had a total of 8 contestants, I am very pleased to see so many more getting involved and pushing themselves so hard.


As this is a strength contest the weights for each event were heavy.

Men used

Deadlift – 80kg (loaded onto a trap bar) for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds

Squat – 2 x 24kg bells for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds

Over head press – 2 x 24kg for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds

Sled pull – 92kg to be pulled over the course distance against the clock

Uphill farmers sprint – 2x32kg, 2x32kg, 2x28kg, (3 trips) to be sprinted up the hill against the clock

Ladies used

Deadlift – 2x28kg for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds

Squat – 2x16kg – for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds

Over head press – 2x14kg for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds

Sled pull – 65kg to be pulled the course distance against the clock

Uphill farmers sprint – 2x20kg, 2x20kg, 2x20kg (3 trips) to be sprinted up the hill against the clock


Taking part this time round were the following contestants


Conway Leamen – Aprils runner up

Liam Smith

Rich Aitken

James Batten

John Burns – Third place in April



Trineta Watson tripp

Sam Murray – Winner from April

Julie Barrett

Vicki Hill

Claire Wilson

Clare Hargreaves

Glynis Moss – Fourth place in April

Kay Rutherford

Lindsay Porter

Toni Williams


After some thorough warming up we got in to the first event which was the over head press.

The results in order from 1st place to last were as follows

Ladies – Over head press 2x14kg

Sam Murray – 36 reps

Clare W/Lindsay – 23 reps

Clare H – 22 reps

Trineta – 19 reps

Vicki Hill – 18 reps

Toni Williams – 16 reps

Julie Barrett – 14 reps

Glynis Moss – 12 reps

Kay Rutherford – 13 reps (2x12kg)

Ladies over head press – 2x14kg


Men – over head press 2x24kg

Liam Smith – 30 reps

James Batten – 28 reps

Conway Leaman – 23 reps

John Burns – 15 reps

Rich Aitken – 27 reps (2x20kg)

Men over head press 2x24kg


Ladies – Front squat – 2x16kg

Sam Murray/Trineta – 31 reps

Vicki/Lindsay – 24 reps

Claire W/Clare H/Toni – 23 reps

Julie B – 20 reps

Glynis Moss – 16 reps

Kay Rutherford – 23 reps (2x14kg)

Front squat – 2x16kg


All the way down!

Men – Front squat – 2x24kg

Conway – 29 reps

Liam Smith – 28 reps

James Batten – 27 reps

Rich Aitken – 20 reps

John burns – 16 reps

Double 24’s for max reps


Liam squatting 2x24kg for maximum reps


Ladies – Deadlift – 2x28kg

Trin/Sam Murray – 46 reps

Clare Hargeaves – 36 reps

Lindsay Porter – 32 reps

Claire Wilson – 30 reps

Toni Williams – 29 reps

Julie Barrett – 25 reps

Glynis Moss – 23 reps

Kay Rutherford – 23 reps (2x24kg)

Ladies deadlift – 2x28kg for max reps

Ladies deadlift – Touch and go!

Lock out and stand up tall!


Men – Deadlift 80kg loaded trap bar

John Burns – 55 reps

James Batten – 50 reps

Liam Smith – 44 reps

Con/Rich – 43 reps

Getting into the zone!


John Burns – 55 reps!


Ladies – Sled Pull 65kg

Trineta – 24 seconds

Sam Murray 25 seconds

Lindsay/Julie B – 30 seconds

Vicki Hill – 33 seconds

Clare H – 35 seconds

Claire Wilson – 36 seconds

Toni Williams – 41 seconds

Kay Rutherford – 47 seconds

Glynis Moss – Forfeited

Claire on the sled pull


The sled loaded with 65kg for the ladies


Men – Sled pull 92kg

Conway – 20 seconds

Liam Smith – 21 seconds

James/John – 22 seconds

Rich Aitken – 23 seconds




One more pull!!



Ladies – Uphill farmers sprints 3 pairs of 20 kg bells

Trineta – 36 seconds

Sam Murray – 37 seconds

Clare Hargreaves – 38 seconds

Lindsay/Claire W/Vicki  – 41 seconds

Julie Barrett – 42 seconds

Toni Williams – 44 seconds

Glynis Moss – 45 seconds

Kay Rutherford – 53 seconds

Grab and run!


Men – Uphill farmers sprints 2 pairs of 32kg bells, 1 pair of 28kg bells

Liam Smith – 34 seconds

Conway – 35 seconds

John – 37 seconds

Rich – 38 seconds

James – 39 seconds

Go, Go, Go!!!


Sprinting kettlebells up hills is hard work!


The scoring system for each event is as follows.


1st place – 20 points

2nd place – 18 points

3rd place – 16 points

4th place – 14 points

5th place – 12 points

6th place – 10 points

7th place  – 8 points

8th place – 6 points

9th place 4 points

10th place – 2 points


1st place – 10 points

2nd place – 8 points

3rd place – 6 points

4th place – 4 points

5th place – 2 points


After all 5 events are done, scores were totaled to give us the placings. The highest score wins.

 The Results



Winner – Sam Murray with 96 points

Runner up – Trineta with 94 points

Third – Lindsay Porter with 80 points

Fourth – Clare Hargreaves with 78 points

Fifth – Vicki Hill with 74 points

Sixth – Claire Wilson with 70 points

Seventh – Julie Barrett with 58 points

Eight -Toni Williams with 44 points

Ninth – Glynis Moss with 30 points

Tenth – Kay Rutherford with 32 points (lower weight bells used)

Ladies winner – Sam Murray



Winner – Liam Smith with 44 points

Runner up – Conway Leaman with 40 points

Third – John Burns with 28 points

Fourth – James Batten with 26 points

Fifth – Rich Aitken with 16 points


Men’s winner – Liam Smith


An awesome day with some amazing results, Sam Murray did very well to retain the title as Trineta Watson Tripp was hot on her heels and could have won it had she not been feeling under the weather. Fairly newcomers to the club Clare Hargreaves and Lindsay Porter also deserve a mention, they both performed very well in the squat, deadlift and presses. Likewise for the men, Liam Smith has only been training with the club for a couple of months or so, he has proved that not only is he strong but also has bucket loads of agility and speed.

I would like to thank all participants for coming along and making it happen, I hope that you have blown away your expectations and realised that you are all stronger than you know! Sometimes it just takes a little friendly competition to bring it out the best in people.

The 3 top places will all receive their choice of BKC t-shirts which will be available for sale on the site very soon.

Thanks for reading and if you want to get involved with the club drop us an e-mail or get signed up to the next introduction lesson.

Here are a few more pics from the day.




Happy campers!


The calm before the storm


Flat out!


Conway repping 80kg


John squatting 2x24kg for maximum reps


Strongman Sep 2012



Member profile – Jo Malinska

Bristol Kettlebell club member – Joanna Malinska




Bristol Kettlebell club member - Jo Malinska



When did you get into kettlebell training?

I joined kettlebell bootcamp in November 2011.
What attracted you to kettlebell  training?

I suppose what attracted me then was that it was something I had not heard about before and it was different from all the other popular fitness classes like zoomba, belly dancing etc. I’ve never followed the crowd so I wanted to do something that other people don’t do as much.

What attracts me know is the group motivation, the variety of the exercise routines (it’s never boring or repetitive) and Pete who is always prepared for the class which makes me feel that he’s not only professional but also passionate about it. That is also what gives me confidence in him and in what he’s trying to achieve whit our little groups.


Bristol Kettlebell club member - Jo Malinska



Some say it’s really tough, is it?

I’d say if you want to see results make it tough. In a weird way I really enjoy that pain in my muscles the next day… That’s when I know I had a good work out! I didn’t make it tough for myself from the beginning as I tried to focus on the technique and didn’t want to put myself off ;)



What other types of fitness have/do you enjoy?

Now I don’t enjoy anything but kettlebels and I mean it! I might start doing a little bit of running soon. I didn’t used to enjoy it because I was so unfit I could not run for more than 15 min.


Bristol Kettlebell club member - Jo Malinska



There is a lot of hype surrounding kettlebell training, what kind of results have you seen?

I didn’t have real expectations when I first started. Simply because I wanted to avoid another disappointment in case I didn’t see any results therefore I didn’t take any measurements from around my waist etc. However I weighed myself before the first lesson and I can say I’m just over a stone lighter than I was 7 months ago. But for this is not the real success… I think what pleases me more (than seeing dropping numbers on the scale) is the complements I’m hearing from men and women since I started training and also the way I feel about myself. I became more comfortable in my body and more confident!
What size kettlebells do you work with?
I started with 4kg and 10kg (that’s how unfit I was but I’m not ashamed of that!) now I’m using 8-16 kg depending on the exercise and on the day.
Bristol Kettlebell club member - Jo Malinska
What are your future goals within kettlebell training?

I’d like to get stronger, fitter and thinner so I can enjoy the complements from people for little bit longer ;)



Bristol Kettlebell club member - Jo Malinska



Words from Pete – Jo has been very consistent with her training and so has built up her strength gradually. Over this time she has also been consciously choosing the right foods and slowly cleaning up her diet. The results speak for themselves, she is noticeably slimmer and toned after losing over a stone in weight. Jo – you deserve all the compliments in the world because you look great and you have put in the hard work to get there. Well done, I’m really pleased for you!


Snatch test results 30th July 2012

Here at the Bristol kettlebell club we like to know that we are getting fitter and stronger month after month otherwise what is the point in training at all?

Therefore we test our conditioning with a ballistic kettlebell exercise called the snatch. Its a high intensity exercise which builds android work capacity and the pain tolerance of an immortal.  Every 6 weeks or so we do a 5 min test or 10 min test. This was the first time doing the 5 min test of which the goal is to hit 100 reps within the 5 minute time frame. Due to the time of year many were on holidays or looking after their kids, (this is what they tell me!) so the participants were quite low this time round. Still some very impressive performances I think you will agree.



Sam Murray – 16kg – 120 reps

Linda McEntee – 14kg – 125 reps

Sarah Stribling – 14kg – 124 reps

Claire Wilson – 14kg – 120 reps

Trineta Watson Tripp – 14kg – 111 reps

Clare Adamson – 12kg – 103 reps

Erica Dowdell – 12kg – 95 reps

Glynis Moss – 10kg – 125 reps

Heather Wilmot – 10kg – 116 reps



John Bassi – 20kg – 104 reps

Dave Thompson – 16kg – 117 reps

James Batten – 16kg – 110 reps

Mike Leigh – 16kg – 104 reps


Well done all that took part, some very good improvements made over the last few months. The ten min test will be in roughly 6/7 weeks time, if this consistency in training continues you can expect better numbers there too.