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Hi, my name is Peter Luffman and I am the Club owner and director. My passion for health and fitness started with bodybuilding in the late 90's and then transitioned into kettlebells after opening a small gym in 2009. Despite some interest in cycling and mountain biking, I've never particularly enjoyed cardio based exercise. I love to lift weights.

Fortunately kettlebell training has lifts that create a cardio effect and I enjoy the challenge of completing the reps. When I added kettlebells into my weight training routine, I became much leaner and increased my core strength considerably.

I started the kettlebell club after a brief partnership in a joint gym venture the Fitness Hub in Portishead. Preferring to go solo and after developing a passion for kettlebell training, I began building classes in my then home town of Portishead. The popularity of kettlebell training mixed with a hard but fun training atmosphere, lead to ever increasing class sizes and the demand for more.

I am also a keen student of nutrition, its an interesting subject and one that is ever evolving. After having completed several nutrition courses I continue to keep up to date with the science by attending seminars with the worlds experts and subscribing to their membership sites.

I hope you find what you are looking for on my website, but don't hesitate to reach out to me if there is anything you want to ask.

Here's a short list of some of the certifications and qualifications I've acquired over the past 9 years.

SFG level 1 kettlebell coach

Precision Nutrition level 1 coach

FMS level 1&2

GB Fitness nutritional diploma

GB Fitness advanced personal trainer

RKC level 1 kettlebell coach

HKC kettlebell coach

Ground force method level 1 coach

Metabolic effect coach

Dax Moy academy Mind Map & Body Map courses






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