Kettlebell S&C Gradings

We have a grading system for kettlebell skill and S&C development.

Once you are pretty handy with a kettlebell and have moved up to intermediate skill level, you can take part.

This is your opportunity to put everything we’ve taught you to the test!

Gradings are based on the official colours of kettlebell sport and start at 12kg.

They are as follows:

  • Blue – 12kg
  • Black – 14kg
  • Yellow – 16kg
  • Purple – 20kg
  • Green – 24kg
  • Orange – 28kg
  • Red – 32kg
  • Grey – 36kg
  • White – 40kg

To pass a grading, you must complete our strength and conditioning tests with the corresponding sized kettlebells.

The strength tests are as follows:

  • Single military press x 3 each side
  • Double front squat x 5
  • Double clean x 10
  • Double swing x 10
  • Turkish get up x 3 rep each side

The conditioning tests offer two options:

Snatch a single kettlebell 100 times in 5 minutes.
Swing a single kettlebell one handed 200 times in 10 minutes.

These tests present a fair challenge between both upper and lower body strength, and over all fitness. You will have to develop yourself in all areas to pass.

Gradings will take place in the first week of these months.

  • March
  • July
  • December

Certificates will be handed out to successful candidates who pass all tests and demonstrate excellent form and technique through out.

Any male who successfully passes a white grading, and any female who passes a red grading, has free BKC membership for life!

Better get busy then guys and gals!

The gauntlet has been thrown!