Time crunched?

Follow the progressions in this short duration but intense program, and build muscle, strength and fitness with only hour training time per week!

That might sound unrealistic, but if you follow the progressions as laid out, your body will have no choice but to adapt!

and that means muscle and calorie burning to aid fat loss and keep you lean!

Here’s how it works!

You will do a 20 minute OTM set, 3 times per week. OTM stands for On the minute, which means you perform a specified amount of reps, and then rest for the remaining time left of the minute, before you start again.

If you don’t already have an interval timer, I’d recommend you buy a gym boss, they make the best timers!


but you can also find some pretty decent interval timer apps for free in the app store.

All the workouts follow the same principle of cycling through 4 exercises OTM for 5 rounds. This makes your workout 20 minutes long.

I have suggested you train over Mon,Wed, Fri because its a great template and allows for adequate recovery between sessions, but you can experiment and see what works best for you and your schedule. You may even consider training every day or every other. Listen to your body and know when to back off and take rest.

You will only need one or two kettle bells for these workouts.

Here’s Mondays workout.

  1. Push up x 10
  2. One hand swing (R) x 15
  3. Mountain climbers x 20
  4. One hand swing x (L)15


1st – Increase push ups to 20 if you are female, and 30 if you are male.

2nd – Increase difficulty of push up by elevating feet on a chair or box. Or from knees to hands, depending on your level of strength. Reduce reps to 10 and build back up.

3rd – Increase the reps on the swings to 20.

Wednesdays workout 

Again its OTM for 20 minutes. Now work through these exercises.

  1. Goblet squat x 10
  2. One arm snatch (L) x 10
  3. Alternating body weight lunge x 10 per leg
  4. One arm snatch (R) x 10


1st – Increase squats to 20

2nd – Increase weight of squats but start back at 10 reps.

3rd – Increase snatch reps to 15

4th – Increase difficulty of the lunge by making them jumping lunges

Fridays workout 

  1. Single arm row (L) x 10
  2. Two hand swing x 15
  3. Single arm row (R) x 10
  4. Two hand swing x 15


1st – Increase rows to 15

2nd – Increase the weight of rows, but start back down at 10

3rd – Increase swings up to 20.

Warm up 

  1. Halo x 5 each way
  2. Goblet squat x 5
  3. Hip Bridge x 5

x 3

Cool down 

Stretch all major muscle groups, and foam roll any tight areas.

Do’s and don’ts! 

Run the program for 2 weeks before you start on the 1st progression. You need to give your body a chance to lay down some foundational strength.

Choose your weights and stick with them until you are asked to progress.

This should go without saying, but use full range of motion and control on all movements. Sloppy reps don’t count!

When you have nailed the first progression, move to the next. They are written in the order that will serve you best.

For best results and quickest progression, use the RPE scale. This stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion. 10 is an all out effort, you could not perform another rep, and 1 is a walk in the park.

Your training ideally will stay between a 6 and 8. Here’s how you do that. Rate your last set of the exercise you are progressing. If it gets you to a 6, you are ready to progress. Note I said the last set of the exercise you are progressing, not the last set of the session.

Stay way from training to failure, unless you want to invite injury and burnout!

If you don’t know how to snatch, do either two or one handed swings and follow the same suggested rep numbers for those.

If you have mobility issues, consider booking in to see me for a free movement screen. (click here for that)

If you are unsure of technique for any of these exercises, book onto our 4 week kettlebell course or attend our workshop to learn. Dates are on the membership page of the website.  (click here to go there now)

If you have any questions about this program, please ask on our Facebook page !

If you enjoy the program, please share!

Good luck and have fun!