Throughout the year we have a ton of different things to get involved with, all which will help you in your quest to become leaner and stronger!


Here’s how our yearly schedule looks:


  • January -Fat loss focus
  • February – Bus bench month
  • March – S&C Grading
  • April – Tactical Strength Challenge
  • May -Fat loss focus
  • June – Bus bench month
  • July – S&C Grading
  • August – BKC Strongman contest
  • September – Fat loss focus
  • October – Tactical Strength challenge
  • November – Bus bench month
  • December – S&C Grading

Now some more info on each.

S&C Grading

This is gives our members targets and goals to work towards. We test their strength, conditioning and skill on 6 core kettlebell exercises.

Certificates are handed out on successfully passing all tests. Learn more about each test here.

Fat loss focus

This comes in the form of our accountability project, where we give our members some extra help and guidance with their nutrition. Results are typically very good due to 3 main factors.

Accountability + A support group + Someone to turn to get all of your nutrition related questions answered! Check out previous winners here.

BKC Strongman challenge

Our strong man/woman challenge involves typical strong man events, squatting, pressing, pulling, carrying, tug of war, iron cross, the list goes on. This event takes place in an outdoor area, usually the Portishead lake grounds, and makes for a great summer time get together. Its open to all club members but be warned, the weights are on the heavier side!

Bus bench month

This term refers to following a specific protocol designed to increase strength or conditioning. Bus bench months strategically lead into S&C gradings and can be adjusted dependent on what area you need to work on.

Tactical Strength challenge

The Tactical strength challenge is a Strongfirst event that takes place twice per year in gyms all over the world. The challenge consists of a max deadlift attempt, max pull ups in one set and max kettlebell snatches in 5 mins. There are 3 divisions, novice, open and elite, women in the novice category can do a flexed arm hang.

We train specifically year round for this event in our semi-private training program. Call Pete on 07800542416 to find out more and arrange a try out session. Learn more about the TSC here.

Charity challenges

A number of times per year we get involved with fund raising for various charities. Of course the challenge will be kettlebell related and serves as great opportunity to hang out with your fellow BKC muckers and super charge your fitness!

Social events

We have created quite the community at BKC, many new friendships have been and continue to form as we bring people together through health and fitness.

Social events happen a number of times throughout the year, in recent times we’ve done obstacle races, paint balling, crazy golf, BBQ’s in the park, restaurants, pubs etc, and we always have a big Christmas party each year.


Participate in these events, make new friends, build character and reach your goals faster!

If you are thinking about joining the club, sign up to the next taster session on the home page or contact us to arrange.