Our training sessions have options for beginner, intermediate and advanced kettlebell skill levels. This is how we scale our workouts and integrate new members.

Your level is defined by how far you have progressed on the kettlebell ballistic continuum.

We are primarily interested in the following 6 core kettlebell exercises:

1. Turkish get up
2. Military press
3. Squat
4. Swing
5. Clean
6. Snatch


This is how we define your level:

  • Beginners are competent and can perform exercises 1-4 for reps, with one single bell.
  • Intermediate are competent and can perform exercises 1-5 for reps, with either a single bell or double bells.
  • You are advanced when you can perform all exercises for reps with either single or double bells.

Note – We do not use double bells for the Turkish get up.

There are other exercise we could consider advanced such as renegade row, windmill, jerk. Whilst they are great exercises, and may come up from time to time for the few that can do them, they won’t be featured as part of ongoing programming. They require excellent mobility/stability and are more suited to small group training to ensure adequate progressions and coaching.

BKC training sessions are planned in accordance to these 3 levels. Our Fundamentals course gets you to beginner level. Training under our coaches guidance in our classes will get you to intermediate level fairly quickly if consistently training. To reach advanced level, you will need to attend our advanced ballistic workshop. Check the course schedule to see when the next one is.