Online booking and payment for all sessions

On boarding procedure for beginners to kettlebell classes:

Come to our strength class Kettlebell Grind on a Wednesday night, where you’ll be coached on the hip hinge with basic strength building exercises. 


Build up your strength and technique with the press, squat, deadlift and other various exercises we do in this session.

After 5-10 sessions here, you’ll be ready to learn the ballistic exercises, swing, clean, high pull and snatch. These are taught in the beginner class on Saturday mornings. 

Grab your free class pass for Kettlebell Grind here


If Wednesday night doesn’t work for you, you can book in for the Saturday morning beginner class to learn all of the exercises and then come to any of the classes. 

On boarding for experienced kettlebell trainees: 


If you know how to hip hinge, swing, clean, high pull and snatch, you can go ahead and book in for any session by creating an account on our booking system below.  

Barbell sessions: 

If you are interested in joining a small group of 5 for barbell training, please use the contact form to find out when the next block of 8 weeks begins. 

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