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Product review – Pull up Mate!

The pull up mate is a portable piece of kit for training pull ups, chin ups dips and a few other body weight exercises. It comes with a bag for transportation and is easily clicked together in a few minutes. Now before I begin I should just say that at 6ft, 4inches...

Can Kettlebells build muscle?
Can Kettlebells build muscle?

Can kettlebells build muscle ? Last time I checked there are about 3 million different exercises you can do with a kettlebell, so which ones are good for building muscle and which ones are not? Furthermore, kettlebells are often thought of as a cardio or strength...

How to Hip Hinge – The complete guide
How to Hip Hinge – The complete guide

Unless you've been involved in kettlebell training, powerlifting or olympic weight lifting you might not have come across the term "hip hinge" before.   Hopefully if you went to a kettlebell class or you used kettlebells with a personal trainer, they first taught...

Working out vs Training

Working out versus training       What is the difference between working out and training, and does it even matter? To begin, let's get a definition of each of these so that we understand the differences. How do we define working out ?  Working out is...

Members profile – Helen Matheson

What led you kettlebells and training in our classes? I think it was curiosity initially, I’d been doing a lot of HIIT workouts, killing myself each and every time to get fit, and I was just wondering if there was something different I could be doing that still had...

Member profile – Kelly Cotter
Member profile – Kelly Cotter

What led you to sign up at the kettlebell club and swing heavy weights? It was six months after I had given birth to my daughter and I wanted something that would help me get back into shape, but not going to a gym.  A friend of mine was training with the club and...

Snatch test results – June 2022

In the world of kettlebells, the 5 minute snatch test is one of the most demanding conditioning tests, the aim of which is to complete 100 reps with a given weight in the 5 minutes, this doesn't leave much time for rest as 20 reps takes on average 45-50 seconds! You...

How building muscle assists fat loss.
How building muscle assists fat loss.

This can be quite a hard concept for people to understand, its not a very intuitive thing to think that building up your muscle mass will help you lose weight, but once you understand the mechanisms of how it works, it'll make sense. Here are the main ways in which it...

Members profile – Wendy Briggs

How long have you been training with the club?   I started training with the club about 2 years ago, but due to work travel commitments I have had periods where I have not been able to train with the frequency and commitment needed. For about the...


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