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Increasing your strength is simply one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself, whether your main goal is to improve your performance in any sport, enhance your over all health, build self confidence and improve your sex life, or live to see your 100th birthday! Strength training is where its at!

Becoming stronger means you’ll have an easier time reducing body fat, you’ll say goodbye to familiar sore spots or niggles as you banish weak links and build a more functional fit physique. You’ll enjoy your training sessions more than ever before and your confidence will reach new heights, in part because your physique will inch closer to that perfect 10 rating you’ll always coveted.


At the Bristol Kettlebell club, we offer two classes. We have our large group kettlebell class in which you’ll gain the above benefits plus increase your fitness. Then we have our more focused small group barbell sessions.

In both classes you’ll work alongside a coach to perfect your form and master the exercises.  

If you’re looking to upgrade your health , vitality and appearance, book a free session today!       

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