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Kettlebell workouts can be as easy or hard as you want them to be.

Here we have a descending snatch ladder with an ascending push up ladder, move through this one with minimal rest for a short full body workout!

Snatch – 10 L/R

Push up – 1

Snatch – 9 L/R

Push up – 2

Snatch – 8 L/R

Push up – 3

Snatch – 7 L/R

Push up – 4

Keep going until snatches are at 1 each side and the push up is at 10. Choose a push up variation that is suitable for your strength level.


When finished, you will have completed 110 snatches and 55 push ups.

If you have any juice left in the tank and want more, replace the snatch for the two hand swing, and the push up for the goblet squat, and start over.

Now get after it! 🙂