What led you to sign up at the kettlebell club and swing heavy weights?

It was six months after I had given birth to my daughter and I wanted something that would help me get back into shape, but not going to a gym.  A friend of mine was training with the club and talked about how much they loved it.

Did you have any prior experience of using kettlebells?

I had never lifted a Kettlebell before.  I had only used weights machines in the past so this was a whole new experience.

Kettlebell results

Single bell military press

What do you like most about training in the classes?

They are so varied.   A mixture of strength, endurance and conditioning.  We work a lot on progression and getting better at one thing.  Its great to work towards a challenge and surprise yourself on what you can achieve.  Pete also asks us what we want to do, so the members shape the training programmes meaning a lot of variety.  We are a sociable and friendly bunch so we get in a good natter in between exercises. Everyone is really supportive so we encourage each other and celebrate our achievements.

Fitness centres and gyms always promise results, can you talk about what specific results you’ve achieved since joining the club?

I had some additional coaching on nutrition where I learnt how to improve my eating habits which has really helped me not just become leaner but helped me recover better for my running that I do. Following the periodised training plan that Pete puts together, I’ve been able to consistently make progress with my strength and endurance, which has been really evident in my running as I can go for longer without tiring out. In addition to that I’ve gone from 3 press ups to 10, I can complete a 5 minute snatch test with an 18kg bell, I’ve pressed a 20kg bell over head for 1 rep and I can do several rounds of the kettlebell complex known as the deep 6 with a 14kg bell. I wouldn’t have thought any of this was possible when I first started.

Kettlebell results

Do you have a favourite exercise ?

The swing and snatch are my favourites.

How does it compare to other forms of exercise you’ve taken part in ?

Its varied and fun.  I have seen a positive change to my physique.  Nothing else I’ve done has made me feel so strong.

Kettlebell results

Kettlebell fitness session

If there’s someone reading this who’s hesitant to sign up, what would you say to them to help them overcome that?

No matter what your ability, your size, shape or fitness, this is a way of training that anyone can do.  Its is challenging, but everyone in the club is so supportive.  If you want to get involved in something that gets you fit and is sociable and fun, this is for you.

Ready for something different?

If your results from exercise are a bit… lacklustre… and you’re feeling in need of some guidance and support….. come along to a beginner session!

After a few closely coached sessions to learn the basics, you’ll be able to join the rest of the crew and start your progressive journey into a stronger and fitter future!

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