How long have you been training with the club? 

 I started training with the club about 2 years ago, but due to work travel commitments I have had periods where I have not been able to train with the frequency and commitment needed. For about the last ten months I have been able to be a committed member, albeit a lot has been online due to COVID restrictions. Training  more regularly has definitely meant me getting the most out of the training.

 Why did you join? 

Honest answer? Vanity. Fed up of my middle aged spread and looking horrible in my swimming costume.

BUT this has changed during my training.

I have found developing strength and flexibility is a motivation in itself. 

Did you have any prior experience of using kettlebells or weights? 

No, none. And I would never have thought this kind of exercise would be for me! I was somewhat nervous of the thought of weights and the potential for injury. But Pete is so vigilant in ensuring correct technique is followed and that exercise is balanced with weights and flexibility that this has never been an issue

Squatting with a pair of 12kg bells

How has it changed your life? What specific benefits have you received? 

I have always thought of myself as not being a strong person physically, using the excuse of my puny arms and short stature. But I have found that I can now lift and swing weights that I thought would be way beyond my capacity, which comes with a great sense of satisfaction. And  although I have lost weight, more noticeable is that I look so much better as I am more toned and my posture has improved.

Maybe even more importantly the training regime has had an immensely positive effect on my mental health and general feeling of wellbeing. I feel happier and more in control and I sleep better.

What do you like most about training in the classes? 

I like the friendliness of the classes, that they are not too big, people smile and someone will always talk to you. Pete seems genuinely interested in everyone in the class and in maximising their potential while listening to their own goals, I like the balance of strength and flexibility training . I like the fact that it really feels like a club rather than just a class. Classes are variable, Pete tries really hard to prevent them getting predictable or boring.

Military press with a 10kg bell

 How does it compare to other forms of exercise you’ve done in the past? 

I am a keen walker and swimmer and I have done Pilates for years on a regular basis. All other classes and organised types of exercise that I have tried (and there have been quite a few) have just not kept my attention or commitment in the way that the kettlebells have. Maybe because they haven’t been as effective.

 If there’s someone reading this who’s concerned about signing up, what would you say to help them overcome that? 

There is absolutely nothing to worry about (this coming from a chronic over worrier) Pete and other members of the club will support you and encourage you and you will never be pressurised to do anything that you are not comfortable with. Your safety is always paramount to Pete. There are men and women of all shapes, sizes, ages and ability in the classes and no-one turns up in designer lycra.  It really is fun (honestly )

Half kneeling halo for shoulder mobility and core stability

If you’d like to join the club and start your journey into strength, the first step is to attend a beginners session. Click here to learn more.