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I have been training with Pete for a year and a half and I can honestly say it has completely transformed my attitude towards training and nutrition. 

Rebecca Swinney

Finding the BKC was one of the best fitness moves of my life. Pete is a highly experienced, knowledgeable and approachable instructor. Proper technique is always emphasised over going up in weight and is heavily promoted to prevent injury and bad form. In classes or group training, there’s no competition and you’re encouraged to go at your own pace yet push yourself (at a sensible level) to keep your progress moving forwards. BKC isn’t just another health craze, it promotes strength training as a way of life and is also a friendly community who welcome people with any level of fitness. I highly recommend giving it a go. 

Joanne Roche

The kettlebell is a unique fitness tool that’s been hidden away in Russia for many hundreds of years. The shape of the kettlebell is what makes it unique, the “bell” is offset from the handle, unlike a dumbbell where the weight is evenly distributed either side of your hand. This allows you to perform ballistic momentum based exercises that increase the heart rate, which create an increased demand on the stabilising muscles of the trunk and shoulders.  Plus we can still perform all the exercises that you would with a dumbbell. For versatility, it’s hard to beat the kettlebell. 

In our kettlebell classes we perform full body workouts that offer cardiovascular benefits as well as strength and flexibility. Some of the movements are technical and will require a visit to our beginners classes so that we can get you started with some more basic stuff first. 

Kettlebells are widely used all over the world by athletes in every sport imaginable, they are highly recommend by physiotherapists and chiropractors to recover from injuries and strengthen the core, military personnel and movie stars use them to stay in top shape, and even Sylvester Stallone is a fan and threw some heavy bells around in his last Rocky film!  

They all use them for one simple reason – They’re very effective! 

Attendance in our kettlebell classes is via monthly unlimited membership (£45) or buying blocks of 5 or 10 classes (£35 or £70) and we have 3 classes per week. 

  • Monday 7-8pm
  • Wednesday 7-8pm
  •  Friday 6-7pm 


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