Barbell Strength Training

The barbell is one of the oldest but most useful exercise tools in existence. Free weights such as barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells offer far more benefits than using the typical machines found in most gyms. Free weights require the user to balance the weight, unlike the machine that does it for you. Due to this you’ll recruit about 30% more muscle fibre, and the barbell is the number one option when maximum strength is the goal. 


In our 60 minute barbell sessions, you’ll learn how to perform all of the main exercises used by powerlifters and strength athletes, exercises such as squats, deadlifts, military press and bent over rows. However, we also use dumbbells and kettlebells and train body weight exercises such as press ups, dips, chin ups or body weight inverted rows. 


 Sessions are supervised and coached with the goal of making you stronger and to master the movements. Due to the flexibility demands of some of these exercises, you’ll also learn basic body maintenance and how to unlock tightness and become more mobile.


Although you are training in a group of 5, Individual goals and programs are catered for, and mobility assessments and home work is provided. In truth, this is personal training in a small group format.  

Attendance can be via monthly payment or buying blocks of sessions, please go to the book page to see pricing and the timetable to see session times.  


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Our Training Facilities:

Ashton Park School, Blackmoors Lane, Bower Ashton, BS3 2JL

BKC Gym, 28 Wells St, Ashton, BS3 2ED




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