Do you know what your resting heart rate is?

Or your V02 max score?

At the Bristol Kettlebell club we aren’t just about toned arms and buns of steel (although we do want that), we also want excellent health and optimal physical and mental well being.

So our training is set up with this in mind.   

We are interested in things like: 


  • Having a resting heart rate below 50 

  • Being able to carry half your body weight in each hand for 50 metres. 

  • Being able to press the kettlebell that is closest to one third of your body weight overhead for one rep. 

  • Having a Vo2 max score of 50 for men, and 40 for women.  

  • Being able to squat two kettlebells that represent 50% of your body weight for 5 reps. 

  • Being able to pass the string test for waist to height ratio.

And more…


Kettlebell classes are currently on Monday & Wednesday 7-8pm and Friday 6-7pm, and we also have a beginner class on Saturday at 10-11am. 

For a limited time we are inviting new trainees to the Wednesday evening session free of charge.


Go to the booking page and grab your free class membership now!    


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