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Kettlebell training for cyclists.

The cyclist population is one group who will benefit hugely from kettlebell training and in this short article I will explain why. The riding posture when on the bike is one of flexion, the same as being sat in a chair, keen cyclists can rack up 10-20 hours per week...

Member profile – Heather Wilmot

How long have you been training with the club? 6 years this month! Why did you join?  A couple of people from work had been going to classes, and raved about them, and I saw the voucher for the bootcamp and thought I'd give it a go. What was your perception of...

Members profile – Jenny Ganfield
Members profile – Jenny Ganfield

  How long have you been training with the club?  I have been training with the club since March 2013. Why did you join? I joined because I had heard a little about kettlebells and seen pictures of people who had made quite dramatic changes to their body shape by...


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