Strongman Sep 2012


The title of Bristol Kettlebell clubs strongest  is in demand as this past weekend 15 members turned up to give it their all in what turned out to be a very close battle between both the men and ladies.

The 5 events tested the contestants strength in varying ways, we had the three classic strongman lifts, over head press, squat and deadlift, we had a conditioning event, the uphill farmers sprint, and a pulling event the sled pull.

Back in April we had the clubs first strongman contest which had a total of 8 contestants, I am very pleased to see so many more getting involved and pushing themselves so hard.


As this is a strength contest the weights for each event were heavy.

Men used

Deadlift – 80kg (loaded onto a trap bar) for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds

Squat – 2 x 24kg bells for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds

Over head press – 2 x 24kg for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds

Sled pull – 92kg to be pulled over the course distance against the clock

Uphill farmers sprint – 2x32kg, 2x32kg, 2x28kg, (3 trips) to be sprinted up the hill against the clock

Ladies used

Deadlift – 2x28kg for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds

Squat – 2x16kg – for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds

Over head press – 2x14kg for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds

Sled pull – 65kg to be pulled the course distance against the clock

Uphill farmers sprint – 2x20kg, 2x20kg, 2x20kg (3 trips) to be sprinted up the hill against the clock


Taking part this time round were the following contestants


Conway Leamen – Aprils runner up

Liam Smith

Rich Aitken

James Batten

John Burns – Third place in April



Trineta Watson tripp

Sam Murray – Winner from April

Julie Barrett

Vicki Hill

Claire Wilson

Clare Hargreaves

Glynis Moss – Fourth place in April

Kay Rutherford

Lindsay Porter

Toni Williams


After some thorough warming up we got in to the first event which was the over head press.

The results in order from 1st place to last were as follows

Ladies – Over head press 2x14kg

Sam Murray – 36 reps

Clare W/Lindsay – 23 reps

Clare H – 22 reps

Trineta – 19 reps

Vicki Hill – 18 reps

Toni Williams – 16 reps

Julie Barrett – 14 reps

Glynis Moss – 12 reps

Kay Rutherford – 13 reps (2x12kg)

Ladies over head press – 2x14kg


Men – over head press 2x24kg

Liam Smith – 30 reps

James Batten – 28 reps

Conway Leaman – 23 reps

John Burns – 15 reps

Rich Aitken – 27 reps (2x20kg)

Men over head press 2x24kg


Ladies – Front squat – 2x16kg

Sam Murray/Trineta – 31 reps

Vicki/Lindsay – 24 reps

Claire W/Clare H/Toni – 23 reps

Julie B – 20 reps

Glynis Moss – 16 reps

Kay Rutherford – 23 reps (2x14kg)

Front squat – 2x16kg


All the way down!

Men – Front squat – 2x24kg

Conway – 29 reps

Liam Smith – 28 reps

James Batten – 27 reps

Rich Aitken – 20 reps

John burns – 16 reps

Double 24’s for max reps


Liam squatting 2x24kg for maximum reps


Ladies – Deadlift – 2x28kg

Trin/Sam Murray – 46 reps

Clare Hargeaves – 36 reps

Lindsay Porter – 32 reps

Claire Wilson – 30 reps

Toni Williams – 29 reps

Julie Barrett – 25 reps

Glynis Moss – 23 reps

Kay Rutherford – 23 reps (2x24kg)

Ladies deadlift – 2x28kg for max reps

Ladies deadlift – Touch and go!

Lock out and stand up tall!


Men – Deadlift 80kg loaded trap bar

John Burns – 55 reps

James Batten – 50 reps

Liam Smith – 44 reps

Con/Rich – 43 reps

Getting into the zone!


John Burns – 55 reps!


Ladies – Sled Pull 65kg

Trineta – 24 seconds

Sam Murray 25 seconds

Lindsay/Julie B – 30 seconds

Vicki Hill – 33 seconds

Clare H – 35 seconds

Claire Wilson – 36 seconds

Toni Williams – 41 seconds

Kay Rutherford – 47 seconds

Glynis Moss – Forfeited

Claire on the sled pull


The sled loaded with 65kg for the ladies


Men – Sled pull 92kg

Conway – 20 seconds

Liam Smith – 21 seconds

James/John – 22 seconds

Rich Aitken – 23 seconds




One more pull!!



Ladies – Uphill farmers sprints 3 pairs of 20 kg bells

Trineta – 36 seconds

Sam Murray – 37 seconds

Clare Hargreaves – 38 seconds

Lindsay/Claire W/Vicki  – 41 seconds

Julie Barrett – 42 seconds

Toni Williams – 44 seconds

Glynis Moss – 45 seconds

Kay Rutherford – 53 seconds

Grab and run!


Men – Uphill farmers sprints 2 pairs of 32kg bells, 1 pair of 28kg bells

Liam Smith – 34 seconds

Conway – 35 seconds

John – 37 seconds

Rich – 38 seconds

James – 39 seconds

Go, Go, Go!!!


Sprinting kettlebells up hills is hard work!


The scoring system for each event is as follows.


1st place – 20 points

2nd place – 18 points

3rd place – 16 points

4th place – 14 points

5th place – 12 points

6th place – 10 points

7th place  – 8 points

8th place – 6 points

9th place 4 points

10th place – 2 points


1st place – 10 points

2nd place – 8 points

3rd place – 6 points

4th place – 4 points

5th place – 2 points


After all 5 events are done, scores were totaled to give us the placings. The highest score wins.

 The Results



Winner – Sam Murray with 96 points

Runner up – Trineta with 94 points

Third – Lindsay Porter with 80 points

Fourth – Clare Hargreaves with 78 points

Fifth – Vicki Hill with 74 points

Sixth – Claire Wilson with 70 points

Seventh – Julie Barrett with 58 points

Eight -Toni Williams with 44 points

Ninth – Glynis Moss with 30 points

Tenth – Kay Rutherford with 32 points (lower weight bells used)

Ladies winner – Sam Murray



Winner – Liam Smith with 44 points

Runner up – Conway Leaman with 40 points

Third – John Burns with 28 points

Fourth – James Batten with 26 points

Fifth – Rich Aitken with 16 points


Men’s winner – Liam Smith


An awesome day with some amazing results, Sam Murray did very well to retain the title as Trineta Watson Tripp was hot on her heels and could have won it had she not been feeling under the weather. Fairly newcomers to the club Clare Hargreaves and Lindsay Porter also deserve a mention, they both performed very well in the squat, deadlift and presses. Likewise for the men, Liam Smith has only been training with the club for a couple of months or so, he has proved that not only is he strong but also has bucket loads of agility and speed.

I would like to thank all participants for coming along and making it happen, I hope that you have blown away your expectations and realised that you are all stronger than you know! Sometimes it just takes a little friendly competition to bring it out the best in people.

The 3 top places will all receive their choice of BKC t-shirts which will be available for sale on the site very soon.

Thanks for reading and if you want to get involved with the club drop us an e-mail or get signed up to the next introduction lesson.

Here are a few more pics from the day.




Happy campers!


The calm before the storm


Flat out!


Conway repping 80kg


John squatting 2x24kg for maximum reps


Strongman Sep 2012