This past weekend we had the club’s inaugural  twice yearly strongman/woman contest. 8 members (4 female and 4 male) who have been with the club for varying degrees of time showed up in anticipation of winning the prestigious title of Bristol Kettlebell clubs strongest man or woman.

This was the line up :-

Huw Davey

Conway Leamen

John Burns

Paul Doddrell

Sam Murray

Glynis Moss

Annie Smith

Julie Haydon


The contest is a test of static strength with classic lifts such as the deadlift, overhead press and squat, but also has events that test our athletes overall conditioning such as the medley, sled pull and farmers walk.

There were 6 events of which details are below.

  1. Deadlift – As many reps as possible inside 90 seconds – Men use – 2x32kg and Ladies – 2x24kg
  2. Military press – As many reps as possible inside 90 seconds – Men use 2x20kg and Ladies 2x12kg
  3. Front Squat – As many reps as possible inside 90 seconds – Men use 2x24kg and Ladies 2x16kg
  4. Kettlebell sled drag – Pull the loaded sled over a distance of 25 metres in the quickest time – Men pull 76kg and Ladies pull 52kg
  5. Kettlebell Medley – Move 3 heavy bells from bottom to top of a hill in the quickest time – Men 3 x 28g and Ladies 3 x 20kg
  6. Farmers walk – Furthest distance covered in 2 mins wins – Men 2x32kg and Ladies 2x24kg


Kettlebell sled pull - Bristol Kettlebell club



Winning an event gets you 10 points, second place – 9 points, 3rd place – 8 points and 4th place gets 7 points. In the case of a tie the points are shared.

Here are the results at the end of each event.


Winner – Huw with 57 reps

Conway – 50 reps

John – 48 reps

Paul – 38 reps

Winner – Sam with 34 reps

Annie – 31 reps

Julie – 29 reps

Glynis – 25 reps

Military press

Winner – Huw with 25 reps

Conway – 23 reps

Paul – 15 reps

John – 14 reps

Winner – Sam with 17 reps

Annie – 11 reps

Julie – 7 reps

Glynis – Forfeited

Front squat

Winner – Huw/Conway (tie) 22 reps

Paul – 17 reps

John – 16 reps

Winner – Sam with 30 reps

Annie/Julie (tie) – 15 reps

Glynis – 10 reps

Sled Drag

Winner – Paul with a time of 30.18 seconds

John Burns – 30.22

Conway – 30.55

Huw – 43.03

Winner – Sam with a time of 28 seconds

Annie – 51.04

Glynis – 56.00

Julie – 107.42


Winner – John with a time of 43 seconds

Huw – 44.85

Conway – 46.23

Paul – 47.30

Winner – Sam with a time of 43 seconds

Annie – 50.42

Julie – 53.85

Glynis – 55.35

Farmers Walk

Winner – Conway completed 10 lengths in the 2 min time frame

John – Just short of 10 lengths in the allotted time.

Huw – 6.5 lengths

Paul – 6 lengths

Winner – Sam completed 9 and 3/4 lengths in 2 mins

Glynis – 8 lengths

Annie – 6.5 lengths

Julie – 5 lengths





Kettlebell presses - Bristol Kettlebell club



The contest had events that none of the athletes had tried before so the element of surprise was always there.
Also some of the athletes had not even lifted this much weight in training so there was a lot of uncertainty going in. However they all stepped up to the mark and performed brilliantly. At the end of the contest this is how the points went down.



Huw davey and Conway Leamen tied for first place so a tiebreaker event was held to decide the winner.  The event was the iron cross which involves holding kettlebells on the end of your arms but in a cross position so the arms are at right angles to the body. Huw Davey managed to hold on 15 seconds longer than Conway so in the end the title went to Huw with an over all score of 55 points. Well done Huw!!


Bristol kettlebell clubs strongest man - Huw



So 2nd place went to Conway Leamen with 54 points





In 3rd place was John Burns with 51 points



Bristol Kettlebell club - John Burns



Landing in 4th place was Paul Doddrell with 48 points


A fantastic effort from the men and a very close contest which could have gone to any of them given the conditions on the day. (There was a hail storm half way through). I hope they will all be back in September to once again fight for the title of Bristol Kettlebell clubs strongest man.




The winner of the ladies was Sam Murray who cleaned up winning every event, therefore a maximum total of 60 points. Well done Sam!!


Sam Murray - Winner of Bristol Kettlebell clubs strongest woman contest



2nd place went to Annie Smith who totaled 53 points


Annie Smith - 2nd place at Bristol kettlebells club strongest women contest



And landing in 3rd place was Julie Haydon with a total of 47 points


Julie Haydon - 3rd place at Bristol Kettlebells club strongest women contest



Fourth place went to Glynis Moss who totaled 39 points


I am very proud of the ladies, they have shown and continue to show that you can indeed lift heavy stuff and not get bulky muscle, which is a common myth that still seems to prevail. They all stepped up to the plate and over delivered on their own expectations and mine. Guys watch out, it won’t be long and they will be kicking your asses all over the place! 🙂

There were a few members who could not attend for the event, Sarah Stribling, Trineta Watson Tripp, Ali Cape, Vikki Hill, Linda McEntee, Agneta Forsberg and Claire Wilson would have been contenders, likewise in the mens division, John Evans, Graham Duncan, Robert Healy, Dave Thompson, Ian Coop, John Bassi, and Chris Coles could all have made it a very different story. Maybe in September eh peeps??!!

Here are a few more pictures from the day.

Julie - 2 x 16kg Kettlebell front squat


Kettlebell Deadlift - Annie


Paul - 2 x 24kg Kettlebell front squat


Sam deadlifts 2 x 24kg kettlebells


Kettlebell presses - Bristol Kettlebell club


Paul Doddrell - 2 x 32kg kettlebells farmers walks



Kettlebell deadlift




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