Client case study – Jacqueline
We love to show case our clients achievements, and Jacqueline is a great example of what can be achieved with some consistent training. Despite her impressive fat loss since starting with club, she has also developed incredible strength and conditioning. At the beginning of this month, she completed 200 one arm swings inside of ten minutes with a 24kg kettlebell! You are an inspiration Jacqueline and we salute your effort and courage! Well done on everything so far!
When did you start training with the club?
I started training with the club in September 2015. I decided to sign up for the 6-week challenge. I started off with the beginners workshop followed by classes three times a week. Eight months later and I am still going along three times a week and still enjoying everything the classes and the club have to offer.

What attracted you to kettlebell training?

After a long spell of doing very little exercise, I was keen to find an exercise that I enjoyed that would burn fat and help me lose weight. I discovered kettlebells when I was searching for something that I could do that was local to me. Kettlebell training was unlike anything I had ever done before, and something that I felt I would like to try to see if it would work for me.

What is it that you like about kettlebell training with the club?

I enjoy the varied workouts that always push me to do things I never thought possible. I also enjoy the company and support of like-minded and very friendly people, who make it fun and give me the confidence to try.

What sort of results/benefits have you experienced since starting?

My main motivation was weight loss, and I am thrilled that I am well on my way to losing two stone. I have also lost 8 inches round my waist and have been chipping away at my body fat percentage. I can visibly see these changes, and it is inspiring me to keep going. I know I have a lot of support on offer to make this happen too.

Some say its really hardcore? Is it? 

This was my biggest worry. I remember several emails back and forth with Pete just to feel confident enough to sign up to the 6-week programme. As a busy working mum, I needed the reassurance that it wasn’t all going to be too much for me. I think the perception is that kettlebells are a hardcore exercise and not accessible to everyone. But over the course of my first 6 weeks, I began to understand that training with kettlebells is as hard as you make. It’s something you are in control of. I’m very glad I had the confidence to give it a go.

Would you recommend this to others and why?

I would absolutely recommend kettlebells and Bristol Kettlebell Club to anyone. It is a lot more than just going along to a class. I cannot quite believe what I am able to do now, and I am thrilled with the changes I have seen in my weight and physique. I’ve benefited from great advice and support, and am looking forward to getting stronger and most importantly having fun doing it.