Client case study – Linda Thorne




Today we are talking with Linda who has made rapid progress in strength, body composition change and fitness. Some of her feats of strength include a 140kg deadlift, a 70kg back squat, double 16kg kettlebell clean and press, two hand swings with 32kg to name but a few!

She has had such an incredible journey over the last couple of years, that she has decided to re-train to become an instructor and we are fully behind her!

Well done on all of your successes Linda! We look forward to having you on the team.


1. When did you start training with the club? 

May 2014.

2. What attracted you to the club?

I have always trained and was a member of a well known gym. I was bored with the environment there which was often full of individuals who were more concerned with how they looked than training hard. I also wasn’t getting the results as in weight loss and strength. I knew someone who was a member of the club and decided to give it a try.


3. What is it that you like most about training in the club?

The variety of different options available, the ethos that we can all achieve results with hard work. The knowledge that Pete and the other trainers have. It is the best one stop shop for everything you need for weight loss, stamina and strength. You can join a group training session, get dietary advice, do personal training or small group training. Whatever you need and are more comfortable with it is there and encouragement exists in spades 🙂


4. What sort of results/benefits have you experienced since starting?

Masses. I have lost the best part of 2 stone in weight and dropped a couple of dress sizes. I am more confident, I know what to eat and how often to train to get the best from myself and I have managed to lift some very heavy weights. All that without looking like some sort of muscle machine!


5. Some say kettlebell training and lifting weights is really hardcore. What do you say to that?

It is entirely up to you how hard you make it. No one makes you do anything you don’t want to do. They will just encourage you to get the best from the training. You are never taken to the point of no return and made to work so hard that you feel ill. The belief within the club is that this does no-one any good.


6. Would you recommend this to others and why?

Absolutely. I have achieved more in the 2 years I have been there than with any other training I have done in the past 20 odd years. The people are great, the encouragement is amazing, there are challenges if you wish to take part in them for a bit of competitiveness and no training session is dull. If anyone is reading this and wants to know where to go to train then take a look at Bristol Kettlebell Club. You will not be disappointed.


If you would like to start working towards and stronger, healthier and happier future, sign on to our beginners workshop and lets get to work!