Double kettlebell swingsDouble kettlebell training has a lot more to offer than single bell drills, it is way harder to press, swing or snatch two bells than one, your body has to work much harder to stabilise and control the bells. Strength gains, fat loss and muscular endurance will be increased with the addition of some double drills in your kettlebell practice so lets get you started with a few of my favourites.


Before I get into this I want to go over some abbreviations so that you know what the hell I am talking about.


DSW – Double swing

DCL – Double clean

DMP – Double military press

FSQ – Double Front squat

DHP – Double high pull

DSN – Double snatch

DPP – Double push press

DBR – Double bent row


Some other movements I like to do with two bells are thrusters, suitcase deadlifts, single leg deadlifts, push ups (of the bells), farmers walks, racked walks, overhead walks, lock out presses, alternating rows, double get ups, floor presses, lunges (with bells either racked or hanging at your sides)  renegade rows and windmills.

Now of course you can go ahead and do straight sets and reps in these exercises and that is where I would suggest you start if you have not tried them before. Once you get proficient in these drills, start putting some combinations together into complexes and chains. Complexes are where you perform a number of reps on one movement before transitioning straight into the next without putting the bells down. A fantastic way to hit all muscle groups, with a considerable load I might add, in a really time efficient way. Chains are similar but now you will perform one repetition of each movement to form the chain, then you will keep running through that chain of movements for a prescribed number of times.

Here’s some examples of double complexes first.


DSW – 5

DCL – 5

FSQ – 5

DMP – 5


When you have done the 5 reps of each movement in succession park the bells, take a 1-2 min recovery before getting the next round.  I would recommend anywhere between 3-6 rounds depending on your strength and conditioning level.


DSW – 5

DSN – 5

FSQ – 5

DMP – 5

DBR – 5


Same as above but now with 5 movements to complete taking your reps per round to 25. Depending on your strength and conditioning do anywhere between 3-6 rounds.


DSW – 10

Thrusters – 5

Reverse lunges (bells racked) 5 each leg


Take a 1-2 minute recovery for 4 to 5 rounds.


DSW – 5

FSQ – 5

DMP – 5

FSQ – 5

DPP – 5


One of my personal favourites, gotta love the presses and squats! Rest as needed and get 4/5 rounds.


Here are a few of my favourite double chains.


DSW, DSN, FSQ, DMP x 5 x 5

So in this example you would swing the bells, snatch them over head, drop them to the rack, squat them, and then press them. That is one time through the chain. The sets/reps here are 5 x 5 so that means go through the chain 5 times for 5 sets. Take a 1 min recovery between sets.


DSW, DHP, DCL, FSQ, DMP x 5 x 5

This one is gonna smoke your grip, hold on tight!


DSW, DCL, forward lunge, thruster x 5 x5

Great drill for the legs, you may be walking funny for a day or two after this one.



Never go for quantity over quality, if your form starts to deteriorate, put the bells down and rest.