6 week fat loss competition

biggest loser fat loss competition

Starts 11/01/13 – Ends 22/02/13

  • Biggest drop in body fat percentage wins.
  • £10 to enter which goes into a pot to be collected by the winner.
  • Prize money currently stands at £420 and could still increase!
  • Nutritional guide, strategy and home workout program provided.
  • Open to the public and non BKC members

Get into shape and win cash!!

Start 2013 the right way with an exercise/nutrition prescription from Bristol Kettlebell club strength and conditioning coach Peter Luffman. This biggest loser style contest is open too all, members of the public and non BKC members can get a slice of the action too, if you have had enough of carrying extra weight around and need a fool proof way to shift it, then you need to get involved! You do not need a gym membership as Pete will be providing a training program to follow at home, all contestants will also receive a nutritional guide packed with recipes, strategy and information to help shift excess body fat.

If you are interested in taking part all that you need to do is turn up at one of the locations below to weigh in and receive your nutrition and exercise guide. All contestants will be weighed on the same scale before and after the 6 week period. The scale will give you a body fat estimate, BMI, visceral fat levels and overall weight in kgs. For the purpose of this contest we are only interested in the body fat reading.

Weighing in will start on Wednesday 10th January and will continue until Saturday 12th January, at class locations or at Pete’s private gym in Ashton. There will only be 20 minutes allocated to weighing in at classes so make sure you are on time, or you may have to come back the following day. The nutrition/exercise guide will be handed out at this point. No weighing will take place after classes as your reading will be highly inaccurate after exercise.

Here are the locations to weigh in


Thursday 10th Jan

Gordano school sports centre @ 6:45pm

Friday 11th January  

Ashton park school gym @ 5:45pm

Saturday 12th January

Portishead youth centre @ 8:45am

Weigh in private

Pete is very happy for people to come to his private gym to be weighed and is encouraging it.  Due to the interest in this contest weighing in at classes will be limited. If you would rather be weighed in private or at a time to suit you use the contact form above to schedule. Pete’s gym is in Ashton and you will be able to weigh in at most times of the day.


Before you turn up to weigh in you must know your height in centimetres!

This will be put into the machine before weighing, along with your age, and sex.

Also to get the most accurate reading you should be well hydrated, so have at least  a litre of water in the proceeding hours.

Bring your tenner along with you or use the bank details on this page 

Half way though the contest the top 5 leaders will be announced, after everyone has weighed in at the end the winner will be named and they will receive the £450-£500 prize money!


As an extra bonus, if you are happy with your results Pete will offer you 3 x 60 min PT sessions in return for before and after photos.

Take good full body and half body photos up against a blank wall, wear something thin or sleeveless, short etc. Set up in exactly the same way for the after shot too.

If they are good enough they will be used on this website for further promotion of BKC services.

Please share this post via the social media buttons below, the more that enter the bigger the prize money for the winner!

If you have any questions please use the contact form.