Lets cut to the chase, summer is fast approaching and I don’t know about you but  I want to look good when I strip off on the beach. Here are a couple of tips on how to maximise your results and get lean.

1. Nutrient timing

This means taking in carbs after you workout. If you plan on having something naughty, a cheat meal or maybe just some starchy carbs, (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes), have it after you exercise, and I am not talking a full on workout, a simple 10-15 min bodyweight circuit in your front room will suffice. If you have a kettlebell even better, knock out 100-200 swings, some squats and presses and you are golden. It doesn’t have to be a mammoth workout, 10-20 minutes is enough, make it intense though, this will change the hormonal environment in your body and ingested nutrients will be utilised better. Here’s the thing though, wait at least 30 mins after this workout and then eat. Let the fat burning hormones you just raised (testosterone and GH) do what they do first.


2. Consistency

To follow on from the above point, be consistent with your efforts. You are not going to see much change with only 2 workouts per week. Sessions don’t always have to be an event, 20, 30, 45 min workouts are actually better for you, you stay fresher, don’t get burned out and optimise those all important hormones mentioned earlier. Lots of short workouts will also keep your metabolism raised and so you will burn calories all day long. I like to split my workouts into am and pm sessions, they last 30-45 mins and have really helped me hack off body fat. Take in your carbs (as above) after these workouts and keep your other meals carb free. Doing these two things consistently will speed results like you have never seen. Try it!


Get these two tips into your routine asap, I guarantee you will see results. If you are looking for some help with an exercises routine contact me or join my class sessions.

Good luck!