Here at the Bristol kettlebell club we like to know that we are getting fitter and stronger month after month otherwise what is the point in training at all?

Therefore we test our conditioning with a ballistic kettlebell exercise called the snatch. Its a high intensity exercise which builds android work capacity and the pain tolerance of an immortal.  Every 6 weeks or so we do a 5 min test or 10 min test. This was the first time doing the 5 min test of which the goal is to hit 100 reps within the 5 minute time frame. Due to the time of year many were on holidays or looking after their kids, (this is what they tell me!) so the participants were quite low this time round. Still some very impressive performances I think you will agree.



Sam Murray – 16kg – 120 reps

Linda McEntee – 14kg – 125 reps

Sarah Stribling – 14kg – 124 reps

Claire Wilson – 14kg – 120 reps

Trineta Watson Tripp – 14kg – 111 reps

Clare Adamson – 12kg – 103 reps

Erica Dowdell – 12kg – 95 reps

Glynis Moss – 10kg – 125 reps

Heather Wilmot – 10kg – 116 reps



John Bassi – 20kg – 104 reps

Dave Thompson – 16kg – 117 reps

James Batten – 16kg – 110 reps

Mike Leigh – 16kg – 104 reps


Well done all that took part, some very good improvements made over the last few months. The ten min test will be in roughly 6/7 weeks time, if this consistency in training continues you can expect better numbers there too.