So day two of fitness testing and some more very impressive numbers.


Here is the video

And here are the scores

Mary Martin – 221 using 8kg bell

Claire Miles – 160 using 8kg bell

Paul Doddrell – 232 using 12kg bell

Kay Rutherford – 240 using 8kg bell

Jenny Kenning – 205 using 8kg bell

Ben Waterton – 169 using 12kg bell

Kristen Beausang – 205 using 8kg bell (her second attempt and adding 20 reps on top of Saturdays effort!)

Jane Antrobus – 245 using 8kg bell

Andy Farqhauson –  235 using 12kg bell

Trineta Watson Tripp – 235 using 12kg bell


Heavier weights next time for everyone who hit well over 200. Fantastic effort from Trineta who is now the lady to beat with 235 reps using a 12kg bell.