Eat for your goal


How about starting the new year 20 pounds lighter and fistfuls of dollars to show for your effort??!!!

Well ok, maybe not dollars but you know what I mean!

There’s never been a better chance to get in shape than now!


Start date – Monday 6th January


End date – 1st Feb


Cost – £15


Weigh in – On Monday 6th at any of our classes, or at BKC gym, 1 Durnford st, Ashton, BS3 2AW.

Or on Tuesday 7th at BKC Gym or Gordano class.

Weigh out – On Friday 31st at BKC gym or Ashton park class.

Or on Saturday at BKC gym or Gordano class.

If you want to weigh at a class, please turn up at least 15 mins before it starts.

If you want to weigh at our gym in Ashton, contact us


The contest is open to all current and past BKC members, if you have trained with us previously or at least attended our bootcamp or beginners workshop, you can pay the buy in fee and receive the nutritional guide and get your body fat tested.

Non members of the club can enter but will be charged an additional £5 for the nutrition guide and body fat test.

A private Facebook group will be created, and I will add all contestants into it. This will serve as a place to give support to each other, swap recipes, provide motivation, share strategy and me and Sam will be in there to answer any questions you may have.

If you haven’t already added me on Facebook, do that here  (you will have to add me so that I can add you into the group)

If you are not on Facebook, I will email you the nutritional guide.

So are you ready to do this?


Are you fed up of drifting between different diets and ultimately ending up back at the same place?

Join us for the next 4 weeks, and start on the road to a permanent leaner version of you!


Speak soon