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Sam handing Kelly her £240 winnings!

In order to achieve excellent body composition results you need a few things, a baseline and a goal, dietary guidelines that can be adjusted to your requirements, a progressive strength training program that includes some cardio, a support network, desire and motivation to achieve said goal, and a trusted professional on hand for advice and feedback.

If you bring the desire and motivation we will provide the rest!

Every 3 months or so we have what we call a fat loss focus, its an opportunity to drill down on your nutrition and reduce body fat. There is also a competitive element which may help you find that motivation, for example Kelly beat 23 other ladies to win £240! Not bad for 4 weeks effort!

She dropped from 30% to 26% total body fat, an awesome result considering a good rate of fat loss is 0.5-1% every 2-4 weeks.

In Kelly’s case the scale only showed a 3 pound loss, which suggests, she gained muscle whilst losing body fat! (don’t believe what you read on the internet, it is possible)

So well done Kelly, its a very deserved win!

I would also like to congratulate her runners up Becky and Glynis who did a great job and were snapping at her heels.

Here is what Kelly had to say about the experience.

I have been training with Bristol Kettlebell club since Nov 13 & strength training with Pete since January, my main aim was to build more muscle and lose some body fat, so after an excessive festive season I decided to enter the BKC fat loss challenge during January.


With help and advice from Pete and the information he added to the facebook group I undertook this challenge and really altered my eating habits.

I reduced portion size and only ate until I was 80% full as suggested, I only ate a limited amount of carbs and only after exercise and I upped my protein intake at all meal opportunities, I drank 2 litres of water a day and I stopped eating any refined and processed sugar and all meals were cooked from scratch.

I also cancelled my weekly night out and refrained from drinking apart from one special occasion.


My weekly exercise plan was made up of


1hr ladies group strength training session with Pete

2-3 hrs kettlebell classes with the club

Cardio made up of distance running(10k) or 100m hill sprints.


I was very positive towards the whole experience and can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it, my attitude was “love what you do and you will do it well”


All the support on the facebook page from all the other competitors with their photos of meals and meal ideas was a real inspiration and I would like to congratulate everyone who took part and also Pete & Sam for not only the £240 but also the nutritional support and knowledge and encouragement in training.


I have since continued with this lifestyle with a couple of cheat days and cannot see myself changing as its the best I have felt in years and the whole experience has been amazing with great results on my strength and well being.


I would highly recommend this to anyone.


Thanks  Kelly


So excellent results there from Kelly and I am sure she will continue to achieve even better things now that she has adopted these new eating and training habits.

The next fat loss focus is starting in April where we will once again be providing support and guidance in the private Facebook group. The £10 buy in is optional, but for those that do buy in, they can have their body fat measured on our machine when we bring it to a session.


If you want to get involved with our club, contact us and schedule a FREE session.


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