How long have you been training with the club?
6 years this month!
Why did you join? 
A couple of people from work had been going to classes, and raved about them, and I saw the voucher for the bootcamp and thought I’d give it a go.
What was your perception of kettlebell training before starting? Were you apprehensive?
I has no prior knowledge of kettlebells, other than what my colleagues had told me, so I really didn’t know what I was letting myself in for! I don’t remember feeling apprehensive, more intrigued, as I couldn’t understand how a workout with a single object could give you the kind of results they alluded to.
How has the training changed your life? What specific benefits have you received? 
Not only has my body shape changed, and general fitness improved, I also credit training with my easy pregnancy and quick birth. I trained up until eight days before I gave birth so I was in good physical health which, in my opinion, resulted in a super quick and (relatively) easy birth. It has also given me the motivation to tone up and lose the baby weight.
What do you like most about training with the kettlebell club? 
I love the variety of the classes, and the numerous different exercises we undertake but the main thing I like is the company. I have met the best group of people and we have a real laugh at class. The coaches are encouraging and knowledgeable and no-one is made to feel bad because they are not a the same level as others. Everyone works at their own pace and weight and there is a real variety of people at class.
Do you have any goals you are working on, or is there something you want to get better at? 
Everyday’s a school day! For me, it was about losing weight post-pregnancy (when I came back) and now maintaining that weight. I am always learning and whilst there is nothing specific that I want to get better at, it is always a real achievement to go up a weight.
If there’s someone out there thinking about joining up, what would you say to them? 
At least give the trial a go. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has tried out the classes who didn’t enjoy them. Working out with kettlebells has a range of benefits so the likelihood is, it will work for you!