Bristol Kettlebell club member – Joanna Malinska




Bristol Kettlebell club member - Jo Malinska



When did you get into kettlebell training?

I joined kettlebell bootcamp in November 2011.
What attracted you to kettlebell  training?

I suppose what attracted me then was that it was something I had not heard about before and it was different from all the other popular fitness classes like zoomba, belly dancing etc. I’ve never followed the crowd so I wanted to do something that other people don’t do as much.

What attracts me know is the group motivation, the variety of the exercise routines (it’s never boring or repetitive) and Pete who is always prepared for the class which makes me feel that he’s not only professional but also passionate about it. That is also what gives me confidence in him and in what he’s trying to achieve whit our little groups.


Bristol Kettlebell club member - Jo Malinska



Some say it’s really tough, is it?

I’d say if you want to see results make it tough. In a weird way I really enjoy that pain in my muscles the next day… That’s when I know I had a good work out! I didn’t make it tough for myself from the beginning as I tried to focus on the technique and didn’t want to put myself off 😉



What other types of fitness have/do you enjoy?

Now I don’t enjoy anything but kettlebels and I mean it! I might start doing a little bit of running soon. I didn’t used to enjoy it because I was so unfit I could not run for more than 15 min.


Bristol Kettlebell club member - Jo Malinska



There is a lot of hype surrounding kettlebell training, what kind of results have you seen?

I didn’t have real expectations when I first started. Simply because I wanted to avoid another disappointment in case I didn’t see any results therefore I didn’t take any measurements from around my waist etc. However I weighed myself before the first lesson and I can say I’m just over a stone lighter than I was 7 months ago. But for this is not the real success… I think what pleases me more (than seeing dropping numbers on the scale) is the complements I’m hearing from men and women since I started training and also the way I feel about myself. I became more comfortable in my body and more confident!
What size kettlebells do you work with?
I started with 4kg and 10kg (that’s how unfit I was but I’m not ashamed of that!) now I’m using 8-16 kg depending on the exercise and on the day.
Bristol Kettlebell club member - Jo Malinska
What are your future goals within kettlebell training?

I’d like to get stronger, fitter and thinner so I can enjoy the complements from people for little bit longer 😉



Bristol Kettlebell club member - Jo Malinska



Words from Pete – Jo has been very consistent with her training and so has built up her strength gradually. Over this time she has also been consciously choosing the right foods and slowly cleaning up her diet. The results speak for themselves, she is noticeably slimmer and toned after losing over a stone in weight. Jo – you deserve all the compliments in the world because you look great and you have put in the hard work to get there. Well done, I’m really pleased for you!