When did you join the club? 

I joined BKC in Feb 2012 after being bought the introduction session as a gift as I wanted to get back in to exercise after a few years of not really doing anything. I have trained on and off since then with some prolonged gaps, but have been training regularly since October last year.  
What attracted you to it?
I didn’t just want to go to the gym so I was looking for effective forms of exercise and came across kettlebells and in turn BKC. I liked the variety of the sessions and the different exercises that you can do with a kettlebell, as well as the social element to the classes.  
Did you have reservations or concerns about joining? 
I had some reservations about the shape I was in and would everyone at the classes be really skinny or muscly. I was also worried about whether I would be physically capable of doing the classes.  
What was the reality of that? 
Upon attending the initial beginners session I was reassured by the other participants as they were a range of ages and body shapes. This was also true when I started going to the classes in Portishead and Ashton.
I started using a light kettlebell in the classes and focusing on the technique that we had learnt in the beginner sessions, but it was only a couple of weeks before I was able to start moving up to some heavier kettlebells and push myself harder in class
What do you like most about being a part of the club? 
I enjoy the support and camaraderie of the club members most and find that when I am training in the classes I push myself harder than when at home. There is also a lot of support from the members and instructors with the Facebook groups, sharing tips, recipes and success stories etc. 
What specific benefits have you received? 
The main benefits I have received is an overall higher level of fitness which just makes everyday life (and specifically keeping up with the kids) easier! This year particularly I have increased my training and backed this up with food preparation and cleaner eating and noticed a real change in my body and in my training. The other benefit I have found is an increased social circle, chatting to other members and meeting up for social occasions. 
How has being a part of the club impacted your life? 
BKC has become an important part of my life as I enjoy the training and always feel better afterwards! It forms a large part of my overall exercise and provides ideas and support around nutrition which the whole family can benefit from. 

14lbs weight loss in 30 days!

What do you hope to achieve in the future, what are you working on? 
This year I am focused on making sustainable long term changes so that I can lose fat and be happy with my shape. As it is a long term goal I am breaking it down into month by month improvements both in my habits and in myself.  
What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining? 
Just go for it. You will be taught how to train properly, learning the correct techniques first before then using these in the classes, and will be surprised how quickly you can move up to heavier kettlebells. Plus you will be supported along the way by the members you are training with and the instructors.