How long have you been training with the club? 
I started training with BKC in September 2016 aged 60, taking advantage of an 8 week Semi Private course.
Why did you join? 
Having retired from amateur coaching, I needed to do something constructive with some of my spare time. I now had some free time available, to start looking after myself.
I knew I needed to lose some weight, and a few inches around the waist, my flexibility wasn’t wonderful, nor my general fitness.
What was your perception of kettlebell training before starting? Were you apprehensive?
I didn’t really know what to expect, but BKC was highly recommended by my wife’s boss. Within weeks of starting the introductory course and whilst practicing many fundamental kettlebell movements I was introduced to other aspects of strength training, squats & deadlift’s.  I was hooked.
How has the training changed your life? What specific benefits have you received? 
Since joining BKC, I’ve lost around 2 stone in weight, and 4 inches from the waist. I‘m a lot stronger, fitter and leaner, all of which benefit me whilst doing manual work around the house/garden or entertaining a young granddaughter.
I look forward to the training sessions, and don’t like missing any.
What do you like most about training with the kettlebell club? 
Progression is down to the individual, with the club supporting all levels and aspirations.  I make use of both the kettlebell classes and the Semi Private gym sessions (with personalised training plan). I’ve tried running (not very well), cycling, swimming and gym’s before, none have lasted very long for one reason or another. This is the one for me.
Do you have any goals you are working on, or is there something you want to get better at? 
My goals have certainly changed over the last year. When starting my goals where weight related, whilst now definitely strength and ability. I took part in the Tactical Strength Challenge in April achieving a new personal best in the Deadlift.  As a result of the TSC, my short term goals include being able to lift 2 x my bodyweight, being able to complete a number of pullups (In April I nearly completed 1), and achieve 100 snatch’s with 20kg bell.
Going forward, I want to work on my weaknesses, so first goal will be being able to Press 20kg bells.
I would like to complete the Simple & Sinister program
If there is someone out there thinking about joining up, what would you say to them? 
Give it a go. The support is immense. The trainers will provide you all the time you need (quality is paramount). You get such a buzz after a hard session, setting you up for the day.