How long have you been training with the club? 
I started my training in March 2017
Why did you join? 
My initial aim was to find something that I loved that would help me to shed some weight but also tone up and stay fit. I had quite literally tried every type of exercise you can think of from Zumba to swimming, and whilst it was all enjoyable, I always hit a level of boredom with it all after a while. I am a full time working mum of two and in order for me to have that motivation to go to something in the evenings, I needed something that would engage me and constantly push me.
I just so happened to see an advert for the Bristol Kettlebell Club on Facebook when I was having one of my down days, and I decided to click on the link to the website. I went onto read some of the Member Profiles and thought this could be the thing I need! I got straight on the phone to Pete, and after talking to him I knew it would be something I wanted to try.
What was your perception of kettlebell training before starting? Were you apprehensive? 
I was very apprehensive! If I’m honest, I’d never really heard of Kettlebells much so had no idea what to expect. After I attended the 4 week induction course, when I went to go to my first class I nearly got back into the car and went home where I was so anxious about what it would be like. I worried that I wouldn’t remember anything I was taught, that I wouldn’t be strong enough to take part in a class. But I needn’t have worried, it could not have been more different!
How has the training changed your life? What specific benefits have you received? 
After just 4 weeks of going to classes, I signed up to a full membership and I have not looked back since. It has changed every aspect of my life if I’m honest. Since I started Kettlebells I have gone down 2 dress sizes, I feel strong, and most of all happy and confident with my body. It’s also effected my children, I go class on average 4 times a week which they see and take notice of, and they are now really into being active! My 8 year old daughter even ran the 5 mile Race For Life with me in the summer. Most importantly I’ve made some wonderful friends which makes going to class even better!
What do you like most about training with the kettlebell club?
The honesty, skill  and the ability of the coaches to know you and your limits very quickly. Even when I feel I can’t do something, the encouragement from the coaches allow me to push myself and just do it. I like the variety of content in the class, especially the new Body Conditioning classes. I also the love the fact that there is always another level to aim for, there is always a new goal to be set. It keeps it fresh and motivating.
Do you have any goals you are working on, or is there something you want to get better at?
Now that I’ve been a member for 7 months and have grasped things, my passion is to improve my technique, and try heavier weights. My current goal is to be able to comfortably do a Turkish Get Up with a 20kg bell. I have achieved this once, and keen to get better at it.
If there is someone out there thinking about joining up, what would you say to them? 
I would say don’t think twice about it!  If you have the commitment to make a positive change, BKC have the people and skills to help you achieve whatever you want! I can hand on heart say I absolutely love training at BKC, and for someone who literally did no exercise at all, that’s got be saying something!