How long have you been training with the club? 
5 years
Why did you join? 
At the age of 32 I had been suffering with terrible back pain for 15 years and had avoided almost all forms of exercise. In 2010 I was diagnosed with severe facet joint arthropathy and 3-level disc generation and was given steroid injections under sedation for a number of months – I was offered surgery if my symptoms didn’t improve and  was strongly advised to strengthen my core. I didn’t think things could get much worse and shortly after this I was unable to walk and could not support my body weight. I went to a chiropractor and was advised to take up kettlebell training. I contacted Pete Luffman and explained my situation and was very pleased when he said he could help me.
What was your perception of kettlebell training before starting? Were you apprehensive? 
I was extremely apprehensive about starting kettlebell training. I had never lifted a weight in my life and hadn’t played any sport for 15 years so was very unfit! I really questioned how lifting heavy weights would be good for my back and felt very nervous, but I was willing to give it my best as I was fed up with being immobile and in constant pain.
How has the training changed your life? What specific benefits have you received? 
I can honestly say that kettlebell training has completely changed my life…I felt the benefits very early on as I attended one to one training sessions and followed a tailored core stabilisation programme that Pete set for me. I did the exercises daily and couldn’t believe how quickly I started to feel better. I found myself more upright and felt stronger, more confident…..and pain free!! I couldn’t believe what I was able to do and each week I was progressing to heavier weights. I lost weight and was much happier with my new body. Since then I have continued to train regularly with the club and attend classes 2-3 times per week. Kettlebells has given me the strength, fitness and confidence to pursue other activities such as spinning and running which I never thought I would be able to do.
What do you like most about training with the kettlebell club? 
I enjoy the class format and always feel like I’ve had a great workout – I wouldn’t be able to do as much at home! The instructors are fantastic and make sure we are keeping good form and are always happy to answer any questions and adapt exercises for those who need it. I enjoy training in groups – everyone is so friendly and encouraging which brings out the best in my training performance. The body weight conditioning classes are a great addition to the club timetable and have been an opportunity to really improve cardio fitness as well as strength.
Do you have any goals you are working on, or is there something you want to get better at? 
I’m always working to maintain my core strength and enjoy focusing on lower body exercises that I find challenging such as lunges and squats! I would like to improve the double bell snatch and would like to be comfortably snatching a 16kg!
If there is someone out there thinking about joining up, what would you say to them? 
There are so many benefits to weight bearing exercise and kettlebells are an excellent way of training  – don’t hesitate to give it a go! We are all at the club to help each other get stronger and fitter. Once you start to see the results of your training you won’t want to stop. There are 5 classes a week so lots of opportunity to maximise your training and achieve your goals