Now here is a kettlebell complex that will smoke even the most conditioned trainees.

The RKC Deep 6 Workout is a takeoff of the old Omelet, but is limited to the RKCs core 6 lifts. The Deep 6 allows the trainee to practice and develop deep skill in all of the basic six RKC lifts, hence the name Deep 6.
It consists of three different levels and is appropriate for Kettlebell practitioners of varying levels of conditioning.

The RKC Deep 6 will be great practice for people looking to gain muscular endurance such as fighters or for people who would just like to up their conditioning level to have an easier time at the RKC. It can also stressproof the “getup” by practicing it in a pre-fatigued state.

The plan goes like this:
All lifts done right handed without setting the bell down between moves.
– 5 swings
– 5 snatches
– 5 clean and presses
– 5 front squats
– 1 Get up * from the top down ala Shawn Cairnes “the Get down”

After the last squat, press to lockout, from the lockout do the down phase of the getup until you are at the firing range position and then get back up.

Now switch hands and repeat the sequence on the left. Try for 5 rounds.

Beginners: Rest 30 seconds after every hand switch, rest 1 minute between rounds.

Intermediate Level: Rest after you have competed both right and left. 30 seconds to 1 minute

Advanced Level: No rest, go through all 5 cycles.
Suggested weight: 24k for men and 12K for ladies. For people with masochistic tendencies use a 32k or 16k respectively.

In the video below I am on round 3 with a 24kg bell




Give this one a go but make sure you don’t have much planned for afterwards!