So you may or may not know that I am currently training for the most prestigeous of kettlebell certifications the RKC level 1. To pass this gruelling 3 day event, trainees have to not only show excellent technique and form in the 6 main exercises, and show competence in instructing others in these exercises but they also have to pass a conditioning test which for men is to perform 100 snatches in under 5 minutes with a 24kg bell. This all takes place over the 3 day certification in which trainees will also under go numerous daily workouts and form critiques. On the last day (if you are still alive) you will go through the graduation workout which I understand is pretty tough. Throughout the course men typically work with 24kg bells and ladies with 12kg and 16kg.

I have tailored my training towards increasing work capacity performing two workouts most days, a strength based session in the morning and a conditioning session in the evening.

Every month or so I test myself with the RKC snatch test. Today I did pretty good 🙂

Take away points for me are

Its definitely better to try not to put the bell down and rest in the lockout position if needed.

Breathing could have been better, at the beginning my breathing was all over the place, need to work on that.

Hands/callousses weren’t a problem so no worries there.