Another snatch test session today, and Trineta Watson Tripp’s score of 235 has been blown out of the water big time!! Sorry Trin 🙂


Here are the video’s



Mike Leigh – 221 using 12kg bell

Glynis Moss – 257 using 8kg bell

Grahame Duncan – 243 using 16kg bell

Claire Chisholm – 260 using 8kg bell

Erica Dowdell – 187 using 10kg bell

Claire Bullock – 214 using 8kg bell

Linda Mcentee – 258 using 12kg bell – Amazing!!

Rob Healy – 238 using 16kg bell – 17 reps more than Saturday’s effort, nice one Rob!

Julie Haydon – 230 using 8kg bell

Katie Strejwyski – 276 using 8kg bell

Kathy Burgess – 243 using 8kg bell

Brilliant effort by all who took part, one more day of testing and then the leader board will go up.