And the results are in! This is everyone who took part this time round, to see older scores look under Fitness testing on the blog categories.

In order of awesomeness!


Sam Murray – 85 reps with a 20kg

Trineta Watson Tripp – 128 reps with a 16kg

Agneta – 125 reps with the 14kg

Naomi Lerway – 122 reps with the 14kg

Linda McEntee – 120 reps with the 14kg

Kirsty Merrett – 120 reps with the 14kg

Kay Rutherford – 104 reps with the 14kg

Sara Feltham – 80 reps with the 14kg

Imogen Mcarthy – 131 reps with the 12kg

Jan Sefton – 129 reps with the 12kg

Julie Haydon – 126 reps with 12kg

Julie Baldwin – 123 reps with the 12kg

Clare Adamson – 122 reps with the 12kg

Heather Wilmot – 120 reps with a 12kg

Claire Siggery – 114 reps with a 12kg

Jennie Boardman – 100 reps with the 12kg

Kristen Beausang – 118 reps with the 8kg


Conway – 150 reps with a 20kg

Tim Colton – 115 reps with the 20kg

John Bassi – 111 reps with 20kg

Dave Thompson – 108 reps with the 20kg

Liam Smith – 107 reps with the 20kg

Robert Healy – 102 reps with the 20kg

James Batten – 100 reps with the 20kg

Ed Iles – 132 reps with the 16kg

Duncan Wilmot – 131 reps with the 16kg

Mike Leigh – 111 reps with the 16kg


Massive well done to all that took part, it makes me very proud to look at these scores and see how far you have all come!

To see the 20kg being used in the female category is mind blowing! Well done Sam for giving it a go, I am sure you will nail it next time!

Lots of ladies hitting big numbers with the 12kg, definitely time to move up that 14kg when you get the chance, likewise for the guys, start building volume with the 24kg and watch your 20kg score sky rocket!

Next test in 6-8 weeks time, until then lets keep getting stronger!