Today was the first attempt at the SSST which from now on will be the clubs bi- monthly fitness test. SSST stands for secret service snatch test, the goal is simple, to get as many snatches as possible inside ten minutes.

First up was 13 members at the 9am Portishead class.



Here are their results

Dave Thompson – 175 reps using 16kg bell

Tim Bond – 220 using a 12kg bell

Robert Healy – 222 reps using 16kg bell

Ali Cape – 214 using a 12kg bell

Sarah Stribling – 212 reps using  12kg bell

Julie Baldwin – 219 reps using  8kg bell

Julie Barrett – 205 reps using  8kg bell

Julie Haydon – 186 reps using 8kg bell

Heather Wilmot – 180 reps using 8kg bell

Erica Dowdell – 197 reps using 8kg bell

Jane Youngs – 210 using 10kg bell

Annie Smith – 265 reps using 8kg bell

Jessica Huzzey – 205 reps using 10kg bell


And here are the scores/videos from the 11am Bristol class.


John Bassi – 191 using 16kg bell

Neil Crawford – 233 using 12kg bell

Kristen Beausang – 175 using 8kg bell

Monique Wotherspoon – 229 using 8kg bell

Vicki Hill – 188 using 12kg bell

Claire Wilson – 221 using 12kg bell


Some great numbers here, Rob is the one to beat for the guys with 222 reps using a 16kg and the highest score from the ladies is Claire Wilson with 221 reps using a 12kg bell, fantastic efforts.

Testing will continue into next week and then a leader board will be established.

Speak soon