When you think about getting in shape, what do you think?


Exercising and diet right?

But there is a third very important factor that can make a HUGE impact on your results!


and that is something that has been abbreviated to NEAT.

This stands for “non exercise activity thermogenesis” and is all the things you do in your day that are movement based, but aren’t technically exercise.

Things like walking, cleaning, and working, you could also put playing sport into this category.

All of this daily movement adds up to a lot of extra calories burnt, and its low intensity so this does three things

  • Helps de-stress you
  • Uses fat as a fuel source
  • Helps you recover from your exercise regimen (especially walking)

To help you in your mission to become more active and less sedentary, consider using a step counter. Over time look to get your average daily step count up to 10,000. You will have a much easier time reducing body fat when you do. Provided of course that your training and nutrition is also on point.

If you have an iphone you already have a step counter. Its located in the health app and will track your steps and tell you your daily average.

IMG_5714IMG_5715See it? The one with the heart on it.

If you don’t have an iphone, there are free apps available to track your steps.


Just remember this – You need to give your body a reason to burn off body fat. If you are sedentary (you take less than 5000 steps per day) it will take you longer to lower your BF percentage.


So get moving!